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Infertility clinic in Barcelona, Spain

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Fertty International is a leading fertility clinic in Barcelona, Spain, with advanced technology and the best professional care. It is a modern and reliable assisted reproduction clinic using innovative fertility techniques and genetic tests in order to offer personalised assisted reproduction treatment on a case-by-case basis.

Why choose Fertty International?

Fertty International pride themselves on:

  • Excellence: they will handle your case exclusively in order to offer you the most complete IVF treatment.
  • Personalised service: going the extra mile to give you personalised “VIP” treatment for your peace of mind, the clinic offers patient care in your own language which is available 365 days a year.
  • Technological quality: boasting a well-equipped laboratory, they will employ the latest techniques in order to maximise your chances of successful IVF treatment.
  • Treatment safety: Fertty International use a system where they can track all of your biological samples.
  • Infertility experts: gynecologists specializing in infertility, andrologists, biologists and geneticists will collaborate to establish the best fertility treatment for you.
  • Work with your doctor: the clinic can offer you the opportunity to undergo partial treatment where you live.
  • Customized plan: you will receive an individualized treatment plan.

IVF services

Fertty International offer a range of assisted reproductive services to help women conceive:

Modern fertility technology

Fertty International are committed to using the best technology in order to optimize the eggs’ development capacity for successful IVF treatment. This includes strictly controlling laboratory conditions in order to simulate the conditions of a natural pregnancy.

Their donors are required to undergo a strict selection process, which involves testing them for more than 300 genetic diseases.

They have created an online doctor-patient area where you can make medical appointments, video conference your doctor, and see the results of any bloodwork and tests.

IVF specialists

The experts at Fertty International are passionate about offering you the best IVF results, by treating each patient as unique and offering an attentive and personable service.

The clinic boasts a highly trained multidisciplinary team of specialists with extensive experience.

International patients

The center is accredited by the Department of Health of the Generalitat and boasts the highest technical quality and pregnancy rates. The team also has extensive experience in offering treatment to patients from all over the world.

When treating foreign patients, their aims are to:

  • Facilitate treatment required in the country/facility that best suits your needs
  • Overcome geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers (by offering interpreters where necessary)
  • Place the best professionals within people’s reach through the use of new technologies
  • Customise the service to deliver excellence using top professionals


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