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About Cryos International - Denmark

Cryos International Denmark take great pride in not only being the world´s largest sperm bank, but also in having the largest selection of donors for you to choose from. They have more than 900 anonymous & non-anonymous donors on their free online donor database, allowing them to boast the highest number of registered pregnancies in the world.

With more than 30 years of experience, Cryos supply quality sperm to more than 100 countries worldwide. Still, their international success cannot merely be attributed to their advanced research and development. In the end, it´s all about people; the specialist team who work at Cryos, their great donors, and most of all the people who have put their trust in them and who are now – as a result of their work – the proud parents of happy, healthy children.

Why choose Cryos for sperm selection?

Providing a great selection of highly quality donor sperm from all ethnicities, Cryos has attained the highest number of donor sperm assisted pregnancies worldwide. Working with a large network of hospitals and clinics, they are able to help assist in making dreams of parenthood a reality.

Helping couples and single women from around the world find a solution to their infertility problem, Cryos have set up the largest sperm bank to help you achieve a successful pregnancy and to make finding a quality donor simple. Their free online database allows you to search and select a donor based on your personal and treatment requirements.

You can select a sperm donor with a similar profile to you, including hair, eye and skin colour, and you can choose from either Anonymous or Non-anonymous donors with either Basic or Extended profiles. The Basic and the Extended profiles are distinguished by how much personal donor information is available and by the availability of pictures, audio clips, handwritten letter, emotional intelligence tests and staff impressions.

Cryos offers:

  • Free online donor search among more than 900 donors
  • Donors of all races and ethnicities, basic and extended personal profiles, as well as anonymous and non-anonymous donors.
  • Ability to reserve donor sperm before treatment and for siblings
  • A wide selection of quality sperm to meet needs of your personal requirements for fertility treatment
  • Delivered worldwide in safely sealed ice packages or in a nitrogen tank
  • Fast and easy ordering and payment
  • High quality and professional personal service

Carefully selected donors in Denmark

Understanding how important this is, Cryos carefully select each donor and undertake a series of comprehensive medical examinations to ensure each sperm donor meets their high standards. All donors are screened for infections and hereditary diseases. Furthermore, donors undergo physical and psychological tests and despite being healthy young men, often students of higher education, only a small percentage are accepted as Cryos donors. Safety, careful screening and medical testing are important for Cryos to ensure the best outcome for you.

Search for a donor

Ordering donor sperm

After you have found a donor that fits your search criteria, including whether you are to be treated at a clinic or home, you can order your donor sperm to be delivered at least 2 days before the day you would like it to be shipped to ensure you receive the sperm before the treatment commences.

Dedicated to meeting the highest safety standards, Cryos is licensed by the EU so they can deliver donor sperm within and outside of the EU.

To begin your journey of parenthood, start the donor search

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