Infertility clinic in Olomouc, Czech Republic

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About Fertimed

Fertimed Clinics are infertility treatment clinics in Olomouc and Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Fertimed Clinic has been providing services such as egg donation, IVF, ICSI, PICSI, sperm donation and minor surgeries since 1992. Fertimed Clinic is easily accessible from European cities by plane and will provide you with an airport shuttle.

Doc.M.D.Ales Sobek, Ph.D.Doc.M.D.Ale Sobek, Ph.D. is the head consultant and owner of Fertimed Clinic. He has published more than 100 publications in national and international journals and has held numerous lectures and presentations at international conferences. He is an experienced gynaecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine.

Doc.M.D.Ales Sobek, Ph.D.

Doc.M.D.Ale Sobek, Ph.D. and his team developed a new method for the examination of female reproductive organs and tubal patency - the UTHL - Ultrasonographically guided transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy. There are now two infertility clinics in Olomouc and Ostrava that are operated by Fertimed. Fertimed operates according to European Directives and ISO 9001, 15189, 14001.

Why choose Fertimed Clinic for infertility treatment in the Czech Republic?

  • Long tradition of successful infertility treatment
  • Low prices for treatment (please see their price list below)
  • Accommodation in appartments available on site
  • Waiting time for egg donation is usually less than 1 month
  • Great connection from European cities
  • Airport shuttle
  • Excellent success rate
  • Beautiful historical centre in Olomouc
  • Fluent English and German speaking doctors and staff
  • Personal assistant (nurse Marketa) for patients from abroad
  • You can request a free call back
  • The clinic offers UTHL - a new method for the examination of female reproductive organs and tubal patency developed at Fertimed Clinic (UTHL video)

Infertility treatments and services provided at Fertimed Clinic in Czech Republic

Patient support from Fertimed Clinic

  • Airport shuttle
  • Accommodation in appartments available on site
  • A call back on request
  • Personal assistant always available to help you
  • Individual approach
  • Multi-language communication
  • Beautiful location close from historical centre of Olomouc (UNESCO)
  • Location of Fertimed Ostrava close to spa Klimkovice

You can find more photos of Fertimed Clinic by visiting their website.

Price list for Fertimed Clinics in Olomouc and Ostrava, Czech Republic

IVF cycle incl. ICSI, AH


Egg donation incl. ICSI (shared program 4-7 eggs)


Egg donation incl. ICSI (shared program 8-15 eggs)


Egg donation incl. ICSI (special donor program)


For more information, please visit their website to see their prices in detail.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask by phone, you can request a call back or send them an email.

The city of Olomouc: A beautiful location for infertility treatment

City of Olomouc

Please see video about UNESCO heritage city of Olomouc.

Contact Fertimed Clinic in the Czech Republic

Tel: 420 585 224 128 or request a free call back

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.fertimed.cz or you can find them on Facebook as well

Languages spoken

  • English


Liability insurance  : No


Contact details

Email: [email protected]