Dr. Martin Dental Clinic
Dental clinic in Bratislava, Slovakia

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About Dr. Martin Dental Clinic

Dr. Martin Dental Clinic in Bratislava, Slovakia is a well-established and respected, family-run dental clinic specialising in providing overseas patients with high quality general and cosmetic dental services at prices up to 70% less than in the UK. Treatments available include dental implants, dental bridges, All-on-4, porcelain veneers and crowns, teeth whitening, root canal treatment and oral surgery.

A tradition of excellence

The roots of Dr. Martin Dental Clinic extend back to the 1940s when one of Slovakia’s first dentists, Dr. Ladislav Tvrdon established his private dental practice in the country’s capital, Bratislava. Today, his son Dr. Martin Tvrdon, a respected international authority in stomatology, continues to be present at the clinic daily, overseeing an expert team and combining experience and tradition with the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

World-class facilities

At Dr. Martin Dental Clinic, they are committed to providing natural-looking solutions to dental problems such as missing, ageing or broken teeth, as well as general dentistry services such as regular check-ups, fillings and root canal treatments.With a brand new state-of-the-art dental laboratory and using only the highest quality materials and tools, the clinic is able to produce crowns and veneers quickly and efficiently on-site, saving both time and money.

Other technologies available at Dr. Martin Dental Clinic include digital microscopy, a high-tech Opalescence whitening lamp, an apex locator to make root canal treatment as simple and effective as possible, a Diagnodent laser detector, an intraoral camera, HealOzone ozone treatment, a dental furnace that allows the creation of a crown in 30 minutes, Entonox pain relief and a Velscope that exposes any abnormal tissue changes in the mouth.

An expert team

Dr. Martin Tvrdon has over 46 years’ experience in the field of stomatology and has lectured on the subject worldwide. He holds more than 50 patents in stomatology, a number of which have contributed significantly to the advance of tooth care. He leads a carefully selected team of dentists covering specialisms including implantology, aesthetic dentistry, ceramic reconstruction, aesthetic stomatology, prosthodontics and endodontics.

Treatments available

Dental treatment in Slovakia

With their 3-point guarantee of the highest standards, expertise and quality, Dr. Martin Dental Clinic are experienced in welcoming overseas patients seeking affordable dental care in the historic city of Bratislava, known as ‘the cosy capital’. Treating each client as an individual, their friendly English-speaking team put together a tailor-made plan that will make visiting the dental clinic just a brief episode on an unforgettable trip

The Dr. Martin Dental Clinic dental tourism service includes:

  • FREE consultation via email and phone
  • FREE airport transfers
  • FREE assistance to book accommodation with a range of options to suit all budgets
  • FREE removal of old crowns and veneers
  • FREE oral examination and consultation
  • FREE X-ray
  • Free after care sheets
  • FREE Wifi

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Slovak

Opening hours

Mon: 07:00 – 19:00
Tues: 07:00 – 19:00
Wed: 07:00 – 19:00
Thurs: 07:00 – 19:00
Fri: 07:00 – 19:00


Liability insurance  : No


Contact details

Main Phone: 
Email: [email protected]