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DENTestetica, a state of the art dental clinic in Krakow, Poland, has been meeting the needs of dental tourists since 2003. The options for pain-free dental treatment in Poland include dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment and tooth whitening.

Stress free dentistry in Krakow

Travelling to a foreign country for dental treatment can be a stressful experience, if isnt managed appropriately. Going for dental treatment in Krakow at the DENTestetica clinic is as stress-free as going to your local dentist in your home town.

Excellent patient communication is the starting point for a stress-free patient experience for the dental tourist. For English speakers, there are no worries about not being understood or not understanding the treatment that DENTestetica has planned for you. Each visiting patient has a Patient Coordinator who speaks your language and is available 24 hours a day to deal with any problems or concerns that you may have. For Scandinavian clients, native Norwegian and Swedish speakers are part of the DENTestetica team.

The dental treatment programme for your visit is planned out so that you know what is happening when; there are no hidden surprises.

DENTestetica is a needle-free zone!

In modern dental clinics, there are many different ways of ensuring that dental treatment is pain-free. Your DENTestetica specialist has at his disposal a new generation of local anaesthetics, new computer-controlled devices for drug delivery (WAND STA) and the option for sedation using sedatives, nitrous oxide ("laughing gas"), and sedoanalgesia.

A visit to DENTestetica should be stress-free and pain-free.

What to expect

Prior to your visit, DENTestetica will ask you to complete a patient history and provide dental x-rays and any reports that you have from your dentist at home.

Once your needs have been assessed, your DENTestetica specialist will provide an outline treatment plan for your visit. This will detail what treatment you require and the cost for each part of the treatment.

For some dental treatments, you may need to plan for more than one visit to Poland. If you are considering having dental implants in Poland, you will need to visit the clinic twice over a period of a few months.

On arrival in Poland, you will be collected at the airport and taken to your apartment or hotel. You will receive the DENTestetica Welcome Pack, designed to make your stay in Krakow worry free. Youll receive information on Krakow, a mobile phone on a Polish network, and a dental hygiene pack.

On your initial visit to the clinic, the DENTestetica team will take you through the treatment plan step by step, explaining what lies ahead, highlighting any risks, and confirming the expected duration and cost of the treatment. Unlike many dental clinics, DENTestetica provides in-house digital 3D computer tomography (dental CT scans) which enable your dentist to make a full and accurate assessment of your treatment requirements.

The guarantee

DENTestetica are confident that their treatment will meet your expectations. Depending on the type of treatment you have, an extensive dental treatment guarantee is provided - a 5 to 10 year guarantee for dental implants, a 3 year guarantee for fillings, a 2 year guarantee for dentures.

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Compliant with the Code of Practice for Medical Tourism

DENTestetica have demonstrated their compliance with the Treatment Abroad Code of Practice for Medical Tourism, following a review by external assessors.

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