Dental Montenegro
Dental clinic in Budva, Montenegro

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Founded in 2004, Montenegro Dental was the pioneering Montenegrin clinic as a centre for dental implantology and esthetic dentistry. They are now the most modern centre for dental medicine in their area, providing the highest quality services in implantology, orthodontics, laser therapy, x-ray orthopanomograms and esthetic dentistry.

Committed to providing the highest standards of services and materials used, Montenegro Dental guarantee an unsurpassed service at just a fraction of the prices offered in the Italian and Russian markets. The clinic boasts licensed experts and experts that continuously track and apply global trends in dentistry, each with a reputation for providing the best quality services. Dental Montenegro have solidified their position as leaders of dental tourism, after being awarded the ‘Montenegro Dental Clinic Award 2015’ alongside being the only medical clinic in Montenegro with an ‘ISO 9001:2008’ certificate to show their high quality credentials.


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Alekse Šantica 1
85310 Becici


85310 Becici

Main phone

+382 33 472 935