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Cool Look is a dental clinic in Prague, Czech Republic. Thanks to its cutting-edge equipment, dental professionals at this top-class dental clinic provide all kinds of treatment such as conservative dentistry, endodontic treatment, prosthetic dentistry, dental surgery and dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dental hygiene, teeth whitening etc.

Cool Look dental clinic is a private medical facility, which has been providing dental services since May 2011. The newly equipped clinic is situated conveniently in the pleasant surroundings of Prague 7 - Letn.

Their patients can enjoy phone consultation with their attending dentist. Cool Look guarantees first-rate professional services and painless treatment. Their doctors and hygienists will always have enough time for you.

Professional dental team at Cool Look in Prague

The staff at their clinic constantly follows the latest trends in dentistry and cosmetics, regularly attends congresses in the US and the Czech Republic to broaden their knowledge. Their medical team has gained experience at other private clinics in the Czech Republic, in the US and at the University of Rostock in Germany. The staff of Cool Look clinic can speak English, German and Russian.

Cool Look

No queues at Cool Look

They handle your appointments over the phone or online immediately ensuring the shortest possible waiting time for you.

Modern dental equipment and comfortable surroundings in Prague

Thanks to the latest equipment, their professionals can perform even the most complicated procedures. They constantly consult the patient about all necessary and possible treatments to ensure they are comfortable and well-informed, and they are offered the most suitable course of action. Cool Look clinic is equipped with an intraoral camera, so that the patient can stay fully informed about the course of the dental procedure, as the camera transmits the image of the oral cavity onto screen. You can find an overview of the equipment of their clinic by visiting Cool Look's website.

Your visit at Cool Look will only be a painless experience

  • All their procedures can be performed under local or general anesthesia.
  • Dental treatment services provided by Cool Look in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Dental implants, the most modern and aesthetic dental restorations
Cool Look

Dental implants are artificial restorations of missing teeth which are inserted in the jawbone. Dental implants are the most modern and comfortable way to fill in missing teeth to whatever extent. It is also the most aesthetic solution among dental restorations for the patient.

Veneer at Cool Look

A veneer is a thin layer of ceramic material which can change the shape and colour of the tooth. It is glued over the front visible part of the tooth in both upper and lower jaw. Ceramic veneers can hide all stains, discolourations or defects. They can also fill gaps between teeth.

Dental crown

A crown is a prosthetic product which completely caps the treated tooth. Its shape and colour should faithfully imitate the original tooth. Ceramic crowns can replace damaged teeth which still have roots. If a whole tooth is missing, they dental crown is used as one part of the dental implant.

Dental bridge

Dental bridges replace one or more lost teeth. The two teeth adjacent to the gap need to be prepared and covered with a crown, which allow replacing the missing one. While dental bridges were often used in the past, nowadays lost teeth are usually replaced by dental implants which do not need any intervention to the healthy teeth.

Inlay, onlay, overlay

Inlay, onlay and overlay are dental restorations, which are used in the case of extensive dental defects or when the patient prefers a highly aesthetic solution. It is a transition from dental filling to artificial crown. All types of these restorations are made in dental laboratory on the basis of an impression and then they are glued into or onto the tooth. Inlay is the smallest of these dental restorations, onlay replaces at least one whole cusp and overlay is a reconstruction of the whole biting surface of the tooth.

Endodontics, root canal treatment

Endodontics is a dental specialty which is concerned with the treatment of root canals. This procedure is performed when teeth have a damaged crown due to advancing dental caries.

Post-endodontic treatment, build-ups and posts

Post-endodontic treatment means treating teeth with filled root canals. The procedure might involve inserting special root posts ("pins") into one or more canals. Then the missing parts of the tooth crown are roughly built up and subsequently prepared for a crown, onlay or overlay.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is mainly a cosmetic procedure to help improve the colour of your teeth. With minimal effort and virtually no risk teeth whitening can help you achieve a radiant smile.

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is the most important part of preventive dentistry, as it helps to prevent many complications, including dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. Proper dental hygiene allows all the above mentioned restorations to be perfect and last for a long time.

Pediatric dentistry and care for deciduous teeth

Pediatric dentistry deals with dental care for children. At Cool Look clinic, they check the development of your children's teeth and help them prevent orthodontic defects. Although primary teeth are temporary, dental care at young age is very important, especially for the proper development and growth of permanent teeth.

Conservative dentistry and preventive dental care

The aim of conservative dentistry is to keep both relatively healthy and damaged teeth in mouth for as long as possible. This treatment usually concerns teeth affected by dental caries or injury.

Cool Look

Prices for services available with Cool Look in Prague

Cool Look dental clinic houses experienced professionals providing the most modern services with cutting-edge equipment. Moreover, thanks to lower costs in the Czech Republic, their prices are very affordable. To find out more about their pricing please see basic pricelist on their website.

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