Cancer clinics offering Treatment Abroad

The development of the medical tourism industry provides UK patients with access to high quality, competitively-priced treatment at cancer clinics both in Europe and further abroad.  

The full range of modern therapies is available, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and some centres are able to offer new and innovative treatments not available in the UK, such as proton beam therapy.

Looking for cancer treatment abroad?

Many facilities offering cancer treatment are private hospitals and may be listed within that section.

Cancer clinic profiles

IMOR Foundation

Barcelona, Spain

The IMOR Foundation in Barcelona, Spain specialises in brachytherapy and radiotherapy. A pioneer in the treatment of prostate cancer using brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy), IMOR also uses this technique in breast brachytherapy, gynaecologic brachytherapy, ophthalmic brachytherapy, etc. External radiotherapy is performed with a linear accelerator.

Radiation Oncology Team

Athens, Greece

Radiation Oncology Team located in Athens, Greece, with access to high level radiation therapy equipment, at “Hygeia S.A.” and Iatropolis, offers state of the art, extensive range cancer treatment. Cancer patients benefits from comprehensive, personalized approach and prompt service without waiting list in competitive price.

Atrys Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Atrys is a global company dedicated to providing precision diagnostic services and state-of-the-art treatment for diseases such as cancer. Their network of five specialised radiotherapy oncology centres in Spain, Switzerland and Portugal offers cancer patients access to the highest quality, personalised care from a team of experts using the very latest treatments and technologies.

Akesis Life

Bangkok, Thailand

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Akesis Life is a state-of-the-art integrative oncology centre offering a targeted, effective and kind approach to treating cancer based on enhancing the patient’s own ability to heal. Using an extensive variety of proven therapies designed to treat the root cause of the cancer and rebuild health, immunity and awareness, the Centre’s mission is that patients leave them not only cancer-free, but also with a better quality of life.

Clinic Helena

Savonlinna, Finland

Founded in 1999, Clinic Helena is one of the leading private clinics in Finland. The clinic provides breast cancer treatment, plastic and cosmetic surgery for face and body and reconstructive surgery.

Specialised Therapeutics

East Kew, Australia

Anadolu Medical Center

Kocaeli, Turkey

Colo Rectal Cancer Research Foundation

New Delhi, India

King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC)


The King Hussein Cancer Centre treats all cancers and performs approximately 300 bone marrow transplants a year. The King Hussein Cancer Centre is the one of the only specialised cancer centres in the Middle East treating both adults and children. They also offer various diagnostic imaging services such as MRI and CT scans and have a highly advanced Chemotherapy Unit. Treatments available include all types of Cancer treatments and procedures,

Paris Cancer Abroad

Paris, France

Paris Cancer Abroad is a leading provider of multi-modality cancer therapy. Working with the Alleray Labrouste Oncology Center in Paris, it offers the latest targeted cancer therapy, Deep Loco-regional Microwave Hyperthermia, to US and other overseas patients.

Marinus am Stein Clinic

Brannenburg, Germany

The Klinik Marinus am Stein is a clinic for integrative medicine in Brannenburg, Germany, which specializes in comprehensive naturopathic therapy program, conservative surgery and special treatment for tumour repression.

Iatropolis Medical Group

Chalandri, Greece

IATROPOLIS Medical Group is a unique private medical center that combines non invasive modern treatment methods for cancer and imaging using state of the art technologies. Investing in new technologies and techniques best practices and professional standards IATROPOLIS was the first in Greece to treat cancer patient with malignant or non malignant tumors in any part of the body or functional disorders, using the CyberKnife treatment a non invasive robotic radiosurgery procedure.

Institut Gustave Roussy

Cedex, France

Oncology Center Vienna

Vienna, Austria

This clinic offers consultations and treatments for cancer patients. Treatment by radiotherapy, chemo- or immune therapy is performed at their interdisciplinary Cancer Center Clinic next to Vienna.

Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales

Newport, United Kingdom

Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales, run by Proton Partners International, are pioneers in proton beam therapy. In Newport, South Wales, they offer the latest and most up-to-date cancer treatments using the most qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

New York, USA

The world’s oldest and largest private cancer centre, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, is regarded globally as a leader in patient care, innovative research and educational programmes.

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

San Diego, USA

Based in California, USA, Integrative Cancer Centers of America (ICCA) offers effective, innovative medical treatments. Differing from ‘conventional’ therapies, the clinic provides more than just chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. ICCA offers integrative therapies, blending medicine with alternative treatments to address cancerous tumors, while focusing on rebuilding the immune system to help fight the disease.

Parkway Cancer Centre

Singapore, Singapore

Centre Antoine Lacassagne

Nice, France

Centre Antoine Lacassagne in Nice, France is a world-leading cancer hospital recognised for its excellence in care, research and teaching. Part of the UNICANCER group of 18 French cancer treatment centres, the Centre Antoine Lacassagne offers treatment for all types of cancer, welcoming 6,100 patients each year.

Cyberknife Center Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Cyberknife Center Hamburg is a multi-physician cancer treatment practice, specialised in targeted radiation therapy. Their network of centres provides the most advanced spectrum of cancer treatments options in a patient-centred environment that is designed to give them every advantage in their fight against cancer.

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