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About Nordclinic

Over the past ten years, Nordclinic has managed to become a medical tourism leader in Central and Eastern Europe. Starting with only 5 employees, today it is a clinic based in the heart of Lithuania, Kaunas, employing a team of 300 specialists and more than 20 surgeons who perform 4.000 surgeries per year. They are an English-speaking staff, who can offer customer service in 10 languages. The clinic unites 4 brands under its umbrella:

Nordesthetics - plastic surgery clinic with a team of 10 plastic surgeons. Visit to find out more:

Nordbariatric - weight loss surgery clinic led by a world-class surgeon. The only clinic in the world with a specially designed bariatric mobile app for patients after weight-loss surgeries. Visit to find out more:

Nordorthopaedics - orthopaedic clinic offering a team of 5 experienced surgeons and exceptional rehabilitation services post-surgery. Visit to find out more:

Nordclinic - a clinic uniting all of the above specialisations and teams to serve the local Lithuanian patients. Visit to find out more:

They also provide expertise in the following fields:

Bariatric surgery

Adult orthopaedic surgery

Plastic surgery

General surgery (incl. Hernia, Gallbladder, Haemorrhoids)

Varicose veins (EVLA..)

ENT surgery



Dermatological procedures

The Nord brands number one value is patient health, which always comes first. They focus on providing the highest quality services at an affordable price.


The leading orthopaedic surgery clinic in the Baltic region. Working with the most experienced orthopaedic surgeons in Europe, Nordorthopaedics ensures you receive professional care, safety and successful results. Their medical professionals have combined years of experience and are all highly specialised, including staff who are ready to provide you with the best possible support from start to finish.

Nordorthopaedics also works with Dr. Sarunas Tarasevicius, who has performed over 3500 joint replacement surgeries during his 15 year tenure. His experience is unmatched, co-authoring 150 scientific articles and over 50 publications in medical journals. Nordorthopaedics employs highly professional surgeons and Dr. Sarunas is only one example of the quality of service provided.

Nordorthopaedics specialises in orthopaedics, this includes Hip replacements, Knee replacements, Shoulder replacement, Achilles tendon surgery and many more.

Patient Stories & Reviews:

I had been looking up options for surgery on my hip for a long time. I was in exceptional pain and was struggling to perform basic tasks. Throughout the entire process I was treated in a friendly and professional manner. This continued when I arrived, the clinic was extremely well equipped and the staff were as good as I’ve experienced anywhere else. I would like to thank everyone involved in getting my surgery done so smoothly.
Peter, Wales

At aged 35 I found out I needed a hip replacement, I was in a lot of pain and knew I needed it done ASAP and knew I couldn’t wait to get it done in Ireland because of the long waitlists. I came across Nordorthopaedics online and was really impressed with their professionalism. I got a date less than 2 weeks after contacting them and the process was hassle free as the package they put together is excellent and I literally just had to turn up. The hospital stay was excellent and the doctor and nurses all had perfect English. It’s been 3 months now and I’ve had a great recovery. There’s also a follow up after you return home by sending on X-rays which is great. I would recommend them to anyone.
Alison, Ireland

I chose Lithuania for three reasons – one I live in Spain and had operation there and the aftercare was appalling, secondly I would have to wait to long for England, thirdly a friend had hip replacement done in Lithuania and spoke very highly of you. After doing my homework on the hospital I chose to have my knee replacement done there I cannot speak highly enough of the surgeon and everybody I dealt with. The treatment and aftercare was excellent, and I highly recommend the rehabilitation centre afterwards. It was like a 5star spa and I had excellent treatment. I am doing great my Dr here in Spain was very impressed with the scar and how it has healed so well.
Diane, Spain


Brains from Canada - Hip Replacement

Swan Evans travelled from Swansea

Contact Details



Birželio 23-iosios g. 4 Kaunas 50425, Lithuania
Uk: 44 800 0868123
IR: 35315135100
LT: 37069232312
Opening Times: 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT 2)

Email: [email protected]



10 Popular Treatments –

1. Hip Replacement - £ 3400
2. Shoulder Replacement - £3370
3. Ankle Replacement - £3670
4. ACL Reconstruction - £2800
5. Knee Replacement - £3400
6. Flat Foot Surgery - £3750
7. Hip Arthroscopy - £2250
8. Varicose Veins Treatment (Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) one leg - £1700
Varicose Veins Treatment (Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) two legs - £2100
9. Elbow Arthroscopy - £1550
10. Ankle fusion - £3330


The leading plastic surgery clinic in the Baltic region. With an experienced team of 9 plastic surgeons, who perform over 2000 plastic operations a year. Nordesthetics operates on patients from around the world, including the UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Demark, Norway, Sweden and many more other countries. Nordesthetics takes pride in the service it provides prioritising your safety, comfort, and aiming for successful results. With an experienced all English-speaking staff and a team with more than 150 highly specialised professionals.

Like Nordorthopaedics, Nordesthetics have invested in the latest technology, surgical tools and fully equipped operating rooms and wards. There is 24-hour nursing, fully furnished rooms, all while keeping an all-inclusive price, that is twice as low as in Western European clinics.

Nordesthetics specialises in plastic surgery, this includes Liposuction, Tummy tuck, Eyelid surgery, Buttock implants and many more.

Patient Stories & Reviews:

I have had surgery abroad before so I wasn’t worried about that but seeing the clinic in Lithuania, I decided this was better and after the first email to Audrone, my emails were always answered promptly and with all the information I need. After booking my surgery I was always kept up to date and an email was sent to remind me about not eating the night before etc. When I arrived at the airport, Victoria was there to greet me and take me to my apartment (I booked this separately and wanted to have cooking facilities on hand for after the op).

I met with the surgeon at the clinic that afternoon and he was really lovely after the surgery he was present at all times when the dressings were changed and I felt well looked after. The rooms are first class and I liked the extra touched such as toiletries and slippers. When I got back to my apartment the clinic kept in touch by text to check I was ok.

I am only 2 weeks post op but I am pleased with my results so far and I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to my friends and family.
Trish, UK

I am so glad I chose this clinic. I felt so safe and had help throughout my stay. The staff is so nice. They took such good care of me. I must admit, as all of you who read this, that I was little skeptical at first. It’s really scary to go to a foreign country and have surgery. But I really think it was worth it. The surgeons are very professional, they will not leave you disappointed, trust me! ????

I am so pleased with everything! Thanks to the entire staff for taking such good care of me! And thanks to the surgeon for a very good job. Cried tears of joy when I saw how nice my breasts became after surgery :-).

I did both breast lift and breast augmentation. Felt fine the next day, so the operation was very painless.
Once again, thank you all! I am extremely happy!
Simone, Sweden

I was at first hesitant at going to clinic abroad, but the staff at the Nordesthetics clinic in Kaunas put me at ease right away. Their courteous and helpful service was phenomenal, and the facilities world class. Accommodations for the night after my abdominal liposuction were amply comfortable, and the follow up care and accessibility of representatives was on point. I couldn’t ask for better results from my procedure, and the value for the cost is incomparable. I highly recommend them to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.
Kienan, USA


Steph’s transformation story - body transformation surgery

Charlene’s story - Tummy Tuck & Breast lift augmentation with implants

Contact Details

Plastic Surgery
Kaunakiemio g. 1a, Kaunas 44351, Lithuania
UK: 44 203 318 9822
IR: 353 148 54217
LT: 370 65057742
Opening Times: 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT 2)

10 Popular Treatments –

1. Liposuction One zone liposuction (without combination of other surgeries) - £1500
HD liposuction - £2000
Circumferential (360) liposuction - £3350
2. Breast reduction - £2700
3. Abdominal plastic (tummy tuck) - £2760
4. Varicose veins treatment - Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) one leg - £1700
Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) two legs - £2100
5. Eyebrow/forehead lifting - £2050
6. Rhinoplasty - £2630
7. Brazilian Butt lift (BBL) - £2760
8. Mommy makeover: breast lift, implants, fully tummy tuck - £5350
9. Thigh lift - Inner thigh - £2650
Outer thigh - £2650
Thigh liposuction - £1500
10. Gynaecology services - Prices vary depending on required Intimate surgery


The leading bariatric surgery clinic in the Baltic region. Performing abdominal surgeries for patients all around the world, Nordbariatric aims to provide a professional service of high quality. With a highly specialised team of world class surgeons, with a combined 7000 weight loss surgeries performed.

Nordbariatric is currently the only clinic in Europe with a specially designed mobile app for patients after weight lose surgeries. Created by the Nordbariatric clinic and designed with helping you in mind. The app’s most helpful feature provides bariatric diet recommendations, taking the patients surgery and personal details into consideration. Available on both Android and IOS, the app is available in 6 languages English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Russian.

Nordbariatric puts their patients care first, providing 24-hour nursing support and offer a 5-year follow-up with an experienced dietitian. They offer a high standard personal service before, during and after your stay in Lithuania.

Nordesthetics specialises in bariatric surgery, this includes Gastric services, Hernia Surgery, Gallbladder removal and much more.

Patient Stories & Reviews:

I am feeling just great – a new born man. Everything went perfectly, from the beginning to the end. I got supported very well and superfast for all my questions before the trip to Kaunas. The whole team was so motivated & aligned, all the processes ran on time and very smoothly etc – what do you need more?
Prof. Maleckas is not only a great surgeon, but also a wonderful person….. and so are the nurses who really took great care of me. That was my first operation ever, but I had no pain at all. Never (…and I am pretty thankful for that). I will never forget the time I spent with you guys and I can just recommend you to all out there, who are suffering and need bariatric assistance. Thank you.*
Kienan, USA

My name is Henriette. I had gastric bypass in April 2013. I will just say that I now weigh 70 kg, which is normal weight ???? super happy! The help I received has changed my life for the better.*
Herietta, Norway

I want to tell you that I feel fantastic and have now lost 22 kg. I have not had any complications, no dumps. Everything has gone great. I have been to my family doctor and taken samples and everything was fine, iron value was a little high so I do not take iron tablets.
There is a couple who have called me and asked about your clinic and I have only positive things to say. I’m in a Facebook group for bariatric surgery and I have recommended you there too. :-)*
Helena, Sweden


Peter’s story - Gastric bypass surgery

Contact Details

Birželio 23-iosios g. 4 Kaunas 50425, Lithuania
UK: 0800 088 5350
IR: 353766801607
LT: 370 630 90522
Opening Times: 09:00 – 18:00(GMT 2)

Popular Treatments –

1. Gastric Bypass - Roux-en-Y gastric bypasss - £5450
Mini gastric bypass - £5450
Banded gastric bypass - £6100
2. Gastric Sleeve - £5450
3. Gastric Band - £3690
4. Gastric Plication - £3190
5. Revision Surgery - Gastric bypass revision - £6650
Gastric band to bypass - (1 stage) - £6390
Gastric band to bypass (2 stages) - £6990
Gastric sleeve to bypass - £5990
Gastric plication to sleeve - £6550
Gastric plication to bypass - £6550
6. Gallbladder Removal - £1800
7. Anti-reflux Surgery - £3250 or Free* *(Free if combined with any bariatric surgery)
8. Gastric Balloon - £3190
9. Varicose Veins treatment -
Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) one leg – £1700
Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) two legs – £2100

Full list of Treatments:

Plastic Surgery –

•Tummy tuck
•Mommy makeover
•Fat transplantation
•Breast enlargement
•Breast lift
•Breast reduction
•Nose plastic
•Arm lift
•Arm plastic
•Thigh lift
•Upper back lift
•Eyebrow lifting
•Neck lift
•Buccal fat pad removal
•Chin surgery
•Buttock lift
•Lip lift
•Buttock lifting
•Brazilian butt lift
•Intimate surgery for men
•Intimate surgery for women
•Plastic surgery for men
•ENT surgeries
•Dermatology procedures
•Varicose veins treatment
•Weight loss surgery
•Orthopaedic surgery
•Gynaecology services

Orthopaedics –

•Hip replacement
•Knee replacement
•Shoulder replacement
•Ankle Replacement
•Ankle Fusion
•Tarsal Tunnel Surgery
•Hallux Valgus (Bunion)
•Hallux Rigidus
•Hammertoe surgery
•Toe shortening surgery
•Flat foot surgery
•Heel bone osteotomy
•High Tibial Osteotomy
•Femoral Osteotomy
•ACL reconstruction
•Articular Cartilage Repair
•Hip Arthroscopy
•Hip Impingement
•Ankle arthroscopy
•Ankle Instability
•Malleolar Fracture surgery
•Knee arthroscopy
•Wrist arthroscopy
•Elbow arthroscopy
•shoulder arthroscopy
•Achilles tendon surgery
•Rotator cuff repair
•Shoulder stabilisation
•Limb lengthening
•Varicose veins treatment

Bariatrics –

•Gastric Bypass
•Gastric Sleeve
•Gastric Band
•Gastric Plication
•Gastric Balloon
•Mini Gastric Bypass
•Revision Surgery
•Hernia Surgery
•Anti-reflux (GERD) surgery
•Gallbladder Removal
•Plastic Surgery
•Varicose Veins Treatment
•Orthopaedic surgery
•5-Year follow up

Languages spoken

  • English

Opening hours

Mon: 09:00 – 18:00
Tues: 09:00 – 18:00
Wed: 09:00 – 18:00
Thurs: 09:00 – 18:00
Fri: 09:00 – 18:00
Sat: 09:00 – 18:00
Sun: 09:00 – 18:00


Liability insurance  : No


Contact details

Main Phone: 
Email: [email protected]