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The healthcare system in Ukraine

Ukrainian healthcare is run by the Ministry of Health, with all working citizens contributing to the cost. In theory, healthcare is available free of charge to all citizens of Ukraine, however, in practice, the free services only cover basic provision and patients often have to pay for extras such as specialist equipment required during surgery. Often, doctors and consultants will also charge a fee for their time.

Ukrainian public healthcare is still in transition from the Soviet dictated health system of the past. Under this system, capacity was everything, resulting in high numbers of physicians and beds, among the best in Europe, but sadly not the overall standards to match. This is reflected in the relatively low life expectancy of almost 71 overall, with women expected to live, on average, 10 years longer than their male counterparts.

Fortunately, as is often the case in Eastern Europe, the standards of private healthcare are vastly different. With wages for state employed doctors relatively low, and a growing demand for high quality healthcare tourism, many doctors, surgeons and dentists have been tempted over to the private sector, where they enjoy excellent facilities and training.

Private cosmetic surgery and dental care in Ukraine are on a par with the best in Europe, but cost around a fifth of the price. For example, a dental crown can cost just €125 in Ukraine, while breast reduction surgery can cost as little as €1,500.

Two particular specialties in Ukraine are IVF treatment with a course of IVF starting from €1385 in Ukraine. Laser eye surgery, with LASIK eyesight correction starts at around €1500.

Medical tourism is growing rapidly in Ukraine, especially in the capital Kiev, where you can discover a fascinating city full of sights to make a trip of your treatment. In the Black Sea resorts, you can combine treatments with rejuvenating mineral spas, mud baths and traditional sauna-like Russian baths. Combine this with the relaxing scenery of the Crimea and the fresh air of the coast and there are many advantages of travelling to Ukraine for private healthcare.

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