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Why consider Romania for medical tourism?

After over 40 years of communist rule, including almost a quarter of a century under the Stalinist regime of Nicolae Ceaucescu, Romania broke free in 1989, and today welcomes foreign visitors with open arms as it retakes its place on the world tourist stage. And there is so much to see and do that tourists are flocking back in their droves, including a growing number of medical tourists.

As you would expect from an Eastern European country, the cost of private medical treatment is one of the biggest draws. Procedures such as plastic surgery and dental work cost a fraction of what they do in the West of Europe or the United States. Even with the cost of travel and accommodation, you can still expect to save substantial amounts of money by getting your treatment as a medical tourist.

Romania offers an ideal environment to rest and recover from your treatment, with the fresh air and the beauty of mile upon mile of open, undisturbed countryside to relax you. If you prefer, there are countless options for a luxury city break instead, with high quality hotels set close to a range of historic and cultural attractions. The capital Bucharest is a particular favourite with medical tourists, not only for its concentration of high-class medical establishments, but also for the wealth of exciting and stimulating attractions.

With over a third of Europe’s natural thermal springs and mineral spas, Romania attracts many medical tourists who seek natural answers to their health issues, either working alongside modern medical treatments, or in place of them. There are over 70 spa destinations in Romania, varying from thermal springs to therapeutic mud and salt baths. Many of these centres also offer a range of alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and Reiki, to complement your mainstream medical treatment.

Romanians have been welcoming medical tourists to their spas and springs since Roman times, so they are very used to the concepts of hospitality and high quality treatments. Today, around 100,000 visitors travel to Romania every year for medical treatment. This growing industry has resulted in the establishment of a number of high quality clinics, boasting the very latest techniques and technology. There are also a growing number of companies in the country who will arrange everything from treatment to tours, accommodation to flights, making Romania an easy place to go to save on medical treatment.

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Reasons to choose Romania

  • Rapidly growing private healthcare market
  • Over 100 new private hospitals built in last ten years
  • First class equipment and facilities in private sector
  • Well trained local doctors and staff
  • Treatment at a fraction of the normal costs
  • Home to a third of Europe’s thermal spas and springs