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Doctors in Norway : Training and accreditation

Medical training is long and intensive in Norway. The initial medical degree takes six and a half years to complete and specialisation takes another six to eight years. For example an orthopaedic surgeon requires an additional eight years of study after graduating from medical school comprising internship, higher surgical training in general then in trauma and orthopaedic surgery and at least 270 hours of specialist courses covering the whole field of trauma and orthopaedic surgery. Similarly, it takes a further six and a half years to qualify as a radiologist, ophthalmologist or dermatologist involving internship, training in the relevant department and up to 140 hours of specialist courses in the relevant area and hospital administered specialist education.

The Norwegian Board of Health (Helsedirektoratet) is an independent supervisory authority which supervises Norway’s health and social services and the Fylkeslegen department is responsible for assessing the safety of hospitals and clinics, similar to the UK’s Healthcare Commission. The Directorate of Health and Social Affairs (SHdir) looks after private clinics in Norway, many of which are being awarded ISO certification according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2000 and NS-EN ISO 14001:1996. The Department of Health has overall responsibility for health services in Norway and all doctors, surgeons, radiologists and specialists should be members of the Norwegian Medical Association(Den Norske Legeforening), with Norsk Ortopedisk Forening being for specifically for orthopaedic surgeons, Norsk Artroskopisk Forening for orthopaedic surgeons specialists working in arthroscopic surgery and Norsk Overlege Forening for all other specialists. Radiologists should be members of the Norsk Radiologisk Forening as well as Den Norske Legeforening.


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