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Why consider Mexico?

One of the biggest draws for the medical tourist to Mexico, other than the very affordable private treatment prices, is the friendly welcome from English speaking medical staff. With Americans able to literally walk over the border if they choose, Mexican clinics have quickly adapted to meet the needs of this lucrative market, combining the highest quality facilities with a traditional warm Hispanic hospitality.

Mexico has not, however, become entirely westernised. Although you will easily find English speakers in most of the cities and major tourist resorts, the country still takes pride in its rich culture and complex history. Mexico has no less than 31 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, placing it fifth in the world, and much like Cairo in Egypt. Many of these sites lie within easy reach of the modern Mexican cities.

While these mighty civilisations have come and gone down the ages, Mexican wildlife has continued undisturbed, leaving the country with a remarkable range of animals and birds. Home to over 200,000 species, Mexico has the most reptiles and the second most mammals of any country, and these can all be enjoyed at no less than 64 national parks and 34 special ‘biosphere reserves’.

For patients undergoing more major procedures, the beaches and tropical climate are the main lure that brings them to Mexico. Where better to rest and recuperate than on a pristine white sand beach, enjoying the warm sunshine and fresh air of the Pacific Ocean, in Acapulco or along the Baja California Peninsula?

You don’t even have to stay in Mexico to enjoy the significant discounts available on a huge range of procedures. US border towns, such as Tijuana, are packed with high quality clinics that allow you to make a day trip from the United States, combining your treatment with a holiday in California or Texas.

If you are looking to combine medical treatment, cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dental work with a truly spectacular holiday, then Mexico has much to offer.

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Reasons to choose Mexico

  • Low cost treatment close to the US
  • The healthcare tourism destination you can walk to
  • Most doctors trained in the United States
  • Friendly, English speaking staff
  • Wide range of medical and dental treatments available
  • Superb place for a holiday while you’re there

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