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An alternative route is to fly to a location in the southern United States, such as Houston in Texas, or San Diego in California, and hire a car to drive across the border. With the popularity of medical tourism from the USA, you’ll find a huge choice of clinics within easy reach. The drive is around 750 miles from Houston and 475 miles from San Diego, both on excellent freeways.

Driving within Mexico is simple, with a comprehensive road system of major roads and motorways, although many main routes involve toll roads and the costs can quickly mount up. What’s more, if you plan to venture beyond the 22 mile border zone, you will need to arrange permits and other paperwork. It is unlikely that your US car hire insurance will cover you in Mexico, so make sure you check this and purchase extra insurance if you need it.

Being such a large country, it can often be cheaper to travel by air around Mexico, and the country has a wide network of airports and budget airlines to choose from. For a more authentic South American travel experience, try the many buses and coaches that link the main towns and cities. Mexico also has an extensive rail system, including fast inter-city trains, which are being improved all the time, with new super-fast routes nearing completion.

As you would expect in a modern capital, Mexico City has a cheap metro system of underground and overhead trains that connect all parts of the city and beyond. There are also excellent rail links from Mexico City to Acapulco on the nearby south coast and to Guadalajara, Mexico’s second biggest city in the centre of the country.

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