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Why consider Malta for treatment?

With a an excellent medical reputation (ranking fifth place in the world in the World Health Organisation’s report of 2000, it’s not surprising that Malta is becoming an increasingly popular health tourism destination.

State of the art private hospitals are equipped with ultra-modern technology such as laminar flow ventilation (which helps reduce risk of post-op infections by around 50 per cent) and outstanding teams of medical and nursing staff. Surgery prices are competitive and you may be able to pay for your orthopaedic surgery and accommodation and still have change from what the procedure alone would have cost at home. Savings can also be made on cosmetic surgery and you still get treatment in the leading private clinics in Malta.

The other two islands in the archipelago are Gozo and Comino and tourists can enjoy some pre-operation island hopping and explore the quiet villages in these tiny, beautiful islands. Gozo is the second largest, a rural, quiet and charming island popular for retirement and convalescence while Comino has the ultimate get-away-from-it-all factor with no cars and only a very small population. Cominotto, Filfla and St Paul’s also form part of the archipelago but they are largely uninhabited.

The Maltese people are renowned for being extremely welcoming and Malta offers a very restful and safe environment for medical tourists, particularly for elderly patients, and the lovely warm year-round climate as well as a great natural light which illuminates the island’s unparalleled beauty is very conducive for a sense of wellbeing and health.

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Reasons to choose Malta

  • State of the art private hospitals with ultra modern technology
  • Top ten in the world for medical treatment
  • Mature healthcare tourism market
  • Surgery prices thirty percent less than mainland Europe
  • Friendly, sunny island that welcomes tourists
  • Fascinating history makes Malta a huge open air museum