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Why consider Brazil for cosmetic surgery?

When you think of Brazil, the Amazon rain forest, magnificent beaches, football and samba beats will probably spring to mind, but Brazil is also a world-renowned location for plastic surgery and its growing medical reputation is now attracting medical tourists from all over the world. You too can take advantage of the competitively priced, high quality cosmetic surgery and other private treatments while also enjoying a holiday in this exotic, pulsating country.

Brazil is an excellent consideration for cosmetic surgery with breathtaking scenery and warm hospitable people and is known all around the world for its professionalism and the expertise of its plastic surgeons, who undertake eleven years of intensive study and training in order to practice.  Looking good is very important to the Brazilians and due to the favourable exchange rate cosmetic surgery is available at very competitive prices.  The medical tourist in Brazil can expect to pay €1,550 for rhinoplasty and a facelift can cost under €2,000.

The bulk of plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics are located in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Recife and, in fact, Recife is known as the plastic surgery capital in the world and the most popular city in the north east.  Clinics are also now cropping up in other parts of the country, for example, in Fortaleza in the north east where clinics offer cosmetic surgery at slightly lower prices than in Rio and São Paolo. 

Private clinics/hospitals in Brazil have modern operating and anaesthesiology equipment and must adhere to the government’s high standards of hygiene.  Portuguese is the national language but it will probably sound quite different to the Portuguese you may have heard on holiday in the Algarve - both in intonation and accent, but medical staff who work in the private Brazilian clinics and hospitals do speak English, or have qualified bilingual assistants to hand.   

Brazil’s seasons are opposite to Europe.  São Paulo, Brasília and Belo Horizonte have mild climates averaging 19 degrees Celsius while Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Natal and Salvador on the coast have warmer climates balanced by the Trade Winds.

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Reasons to choose Brazil

  • Fifth largest country in the world
  • World-renowned location for plastic surgery
  • Highly affordable prices for Americans and Europeans
  • Huge choice of clinics in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Recife
  • Rio will host the 2014 world cup and 2016 Olympic Games
  • Copacabana Beach is a world famous party experience