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Why consider Argentina for cosmetic surgery?

Nestled next to Chile to the west, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia to the east and north, the Argentine Republic is the second largest country in South America with a population consisting mostly of Spanish and Italian descendents.   

The capital, Buenos Aires, is located on the east next to Uruguay and frequently hosts international symposiums on plastic surgery to promote the very latest surgery developments and technology.  Like its South American neighbours in Brazil and Venezuela, looking good is very important to the Argentine people and consequently there is no shortage of plastic surgeons.  Board certified surgeons generally train and qualify in the US and are fluent in English.  Medical technologies are advanced but the prices remain low due to the currency devaluation in 2002.  Many cosmetic surgery clinics are located in Buenos Aires, a city with an artistic European influence, stunning architecture and warm and friendly locals known as ‘porteños’ - literally people of the port.

Medical centres in Argentina are equipped with the latest American and European technology and Argentina has one of the highest medical standards in South America.  A medical tourist package for nose surgery (rhinoplasty) including eight to ten nights’ hotel accommodation can cost just €1,600.  Substantial savings are also made in your day-to-day expenditures such as public transport, dining out and shopping, which are also extremely reasonable.

Most patients choose to do their exploring and travelling pre-surgery so that they can rest and recuperate afterwards.

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Reasons to choose Argentina

  • Highest medical standards in South America
  • Strong and growing healthcare tourism market
  • Popular destination for low cost cosmetic surgery
  • The second largest country in South America
  • Famous for sultry tango dancing and succulent steaks
  • Home of the spectacular Iguazú waterfalls