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Shoulder arthroplasty (AHR-thro-plaste) is surgery to replace the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is where the head (ball) of the humerus meets the glenoid (socket-like end) of the scapula. The humerus is the bone of the upper arm, and the scapula is the shoulder blade. Arthroplasty is usually done in patients with shoulder problems that cause severe or constant pain. These problems include pain from arthritis with narrowing of the joint space or bone spur formation. They may also include non-healing broken bones, severe muscle tears, and bone thinning or softening

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Average cost for shoulder replacement abroad

Country Treatment
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Belgium £7,700 *
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£99 £444 £578
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£8,821 *
Croatia £7,000 *
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£68 £306 £525
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£7,899 *
Hungary £5,800 *
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£72 £198 £435
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£6,505 *
Lithuania £4,835 *
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£72 £228 £363
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£5,498 *
Poland £5,000 *
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£61 £180 £375
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£5,616 *
Spain £9,400 *
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£57 £300 £705
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£10,462 *
Turkey £5,700 *
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£100 £180 £428
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£6,408 *
USA £24,871 *
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£462 £534 £1,865
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£27,732 *
United Arab Emirates £15,917 *
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Not Provided £300 £1,194
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Not Provided *
United Kingdom £10,557 *
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£0 £480 £792
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£11,829 *

* Average price for treatment will be based on three or fewer providers so might not be representative of the true average price for that country. For more details, the country name can be clicked on to do a search for providers in that country.

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