DENTAGLOBAL: Cosmetic dentistry and dental treatment in Izmir, Turkey

With an experienced multidisciplinary team and state-of-the-art facilities, DENTAGLOBAL in Izmir, Turkey provides a full range of modern cosmetic and routine dentistry services at highly affordable prices. Treatments available include dental implants, All on Four, dental crowns and bridges, dental veneers, orthodontic treatment, gummy smile treatment, root canal treatment and laser dentistry. For total peace of mind, the practice partners with dentists in London and Rotterdam to offer consultation and aftercare at home. 


  • Experienced multidisciplinary team of dentists
  • High quality dental services at low prices
  • Consultation and aftercare available in the UK and Netherlands. More locations coming soon
  • Free initial consultation and X-ray in London
  • Dental imaging locations available throughout the UK
  • Well-trained local dental representatives in Netherlands, UK, Germany and France
  • Affordable top-rated accommodation options
  • Free airport chauffeur service
  • Translation and patient manager services (English, German, Dutch, French and Arabic)
  • Round the clock patient support in Izmir
  • Comprehensive financing and insurance options making cosmetic dentistry affordable to all
  • They provide some of the most extensive guarantees on dental work available. Lifetime guarantee on dental implants. 3 year guarantee on crowns and bridgework with Fix at Home and Fix in Turkey options

Treatments available at DENTAGLOBAL

High quality, affordable cosmetic dentistry

Committed to providing the highest standards of dental care using the latest technology, quality materials and best practices, DENTAGLOBAL provide a full range of cosmetic and routine dental services at prices considerably lower than in the UK and many other European countries.

Prices for popular treatments are detailed below:

Dental implant (Alpha Bio) – Abutment incl.


Dental implant (Nobel Biocare) – Abutment incl                                  .


Dental implant (Straumann) – Abutment incl.


Bridge (4 tooth bridge, 2 Alpha Bio implants)


Bridge (12 tooth bridge, 4 Alpha Bio implants)


Bridge (12 tooth bridge, 6 Alpha Bio implants)


Porcelain inlay


Porcelain veneer


Crown (full porcelain)


Crowns (8 metal based porcelain)


Crowns (8 zirconium)


Crowns (12 metal based porcelain)


Crowns (12 zirconium)


Veneers (8 porcelain)


Veneers (12 porcelain)


Tooth whitening (1 hour treatment)


Dentures (full acrylic)


Dentures (upper or lower, acrylic)


Dental hygienist (extensive clean)


Dental X-ray panoramic

Free of charge

Dental scan (CT)


Tooth extraction (single tooth)


Wisdom tooth extraction


Tooth extraction with sedation


Composite tooth filling


Root canal (back teeth, incl. filling)


Root canal (front teeth, incl. filling)



Dental clinic in Izmir
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