Smiles Turkey: Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

With three state-of-the-art clinics in Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast and prices between 40% and 70% less than in Western European countries, Smiles Turkey provides the perfect opportunity to combine healthy and transformative treatment with an unforgettable holiday. Treatments available include dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, Hollywood Smiles and teeth whitening.

Why choose Smiles Turkey?

  • Certified as a health tourism provider by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies
  • Awarded the ‘best health tourism company’ award by the International Awards of Excellence (IAE) Healthcare Awards in 2023
  • Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot
  • Holistic, patient-centred care, including comprehensive post-treatment guarantees and insurance agreements
  • State-of-the-art clinics and highly trained, experienced dentists
  • Very affordable pricing compared to the UK and other Western European countries
  • UK clinic
  • Comprehensive dental tourism services, including discounted hotel accommodation, airport-hotel transfers and booking of sightseeing and leisure activities


  • Dental implants – a highly effective and natural-looking restoration to replace missing teeth
  • Brilliance Smiles – high grade porcelain/zirconium crowns for men which offer the perfect amalgamation of strength and aesthetics
  • S.T. Starletchic – high grade porcelain/zirconium crowns for woman which combine beauty with unparalleled durability
  • Hollywood Smiles – a personalised dental makeover, combining aesthetics and functionality. Choose from Classic Elegance, Glamorous Sparkle and Subtle Sophistication
  • Porcelain Crowns – adding aesthetic elegance to traditional durability, the Porcelain Crowns procedure is aimed at complementing and ensuring a natural looking smile
  • Laminate veneer/Emax – a minimally invasive procedure that can elevate the natural beauty of the teeth within a concise treatment period

UK clinic

Smiles Turkey has a clinic in the heart of the UK, convenient for patients wishing to have a face-to-face appointment before travelling to Turkey:

Maple Tree House,
2 Windsor Street

Tel: 44 (0)121 630 1771 / mob 07535 494343


High quality, affordable cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

Due to the relatively low cost of living in Turkey, Smiles Turkey is able to offer high quality cosmetic dental services at prices that are considerably lower then those in countries such as the UK, Ireland, France and Germany. Popular treatments include (prices from the mid-price Elegance Clinic):

Porcelain crown


Zirconium crown


Smiles Zirc+ Crown


Laminate veneer


Dental implant (Magagen)


Dental implant (Dentiss)


Dental implant (Evoss)


Root canal


Bone graft (per cc)


Open sinus lifting (per side)


Close sinus


Tooth cleaning




Tooth extraction


Surgical tooth extraction




Filling (per tooth)




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