Dental Travel & Treatment in Poland, Gdansk

FMEX DENTAL ( specialises in the complete organisation of dental travel & dental treatment in Poland for foreign patients and families. Dental treatments provided in Poland include: general dentistry, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, paediatric dental treatment, periodontics and dental hygiene.

Dental treatments available in Poland with FMEX

FMEX provides affordable dental treatment tailored to the needs of each patient, combined with a short holiday in the historic city of Gdańsk. The service covers all essential aspects of your medical stay in Poland, from airport pick-up and transportation to personal assistance, accommodation and dental treatment. offers a comprehensive range of dental procedures for adults and children. A full breakdown of dental treatments & prices can be found on the website. A sample is listed below:

Dental examination and X-ray

Local anaesthesia

Complete dental implant with crown & abutment

Porcelain crown

Composite filling 

Tooth extraction under local anaesthetic

Wisdom tooth extraction 

Root canal treatment 

Composite veneer 

Porcelain veneer 

Ceramic inlay / onlay / overlay 

BEYOND™ Professional In-Office Whitening



£830 (€1030)

£195 (€245) ->

£35 (€45)

£29 (€39)

£50 (€60)

£59 (€75)

£59 (€75)

£249 (€305) ->

£219 (€269)

£179 (€220)

 Prices expressed in GBP and EUR may vary slightly depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

Services free of charge

  • FREE transportation to and from Airport, Hotel, Apartment, Clinic
  • FREE English / German speaking personal assistant  
  • FREE initial dental check-up, including digital X-ray    
  • FREE treatment plan
  • FREE local anesthesia  
  • FREE cosmetic temporary crowns for the time of treatment  
  • FREE diagnostic model of your teeth  

Upon arriving at the Gdańsk airport you will be met by your English or German speaking personal assistant and will be taken to the selected accommodation. You will also be given a Polish mobile phone in order to stay in touch with your assistant and dentist. Then, you will be taken to the clinic for an initial dental check-up, during which your individual treatment plan will be developed. Furthermore, you will be accompanied by your assistant to the scheduled dentist appointments, according to treatment plan, for further dental treatment.

Dental work & material guarantee (see terms)

In the unlikely event of a failure of the laboratory work, the dental clinic provides a dental guarantee, which applies as follows:

Implants Alpha-Bio® (only the product)

10 years

Composite Fillings

2 years

Implants Noble Biocare® (only the product)

10 years

Full Dentures

2 years

Crowns (temporaries not included)

3 years

Partial Dentures

2 years

Bridges (temporaries not included)

3 years

Composite Veneers

1 year

Porcelain Veneers

3 years

Acrylic Dentures

1 year

Inlays / Onlays

3 years

Fillings on the tooth neck

1 year


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