Euromedical Tours: Dentistry in Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, India and Pakistan

Euromedical Tours is a UK based company providing a low cost option for people in the UK who are considering dental treatment and surgery overseas.

They offer a network of dental clinics and hospitals with specialist departments, each offering cosmetic and  functional dental services supported by a state of the art equipment, facilities, skills and care. They will even do a panoramic X-ray at no cost to you and give you a treatment plan with options for treatment in Hungary or London and fixed price guarantee.

Low cost, unbeatable dental treatment prices abroad

The most important reason for people wishing to travel abroad is for quality treatment at a lower cost. But dental treatment can often involve multiple stages so Euromedical Tours offer you the option of being able to have treatment in the UK at a lower cost or travel abroad for an even lower cost, without compromising quality. Take a look at the prices they offer for treatment abroad and in the UK.


Prices Abroad – Hungary

Prices in London

Dental Examination and Consultation



Panoramic and other small X-rays



Dental Crown - PFM



Dental Crown - Zirconia



Bridge units



Implant (incl. abutment) – Astra



Implant (incl. abutment)* - Astra



Implant (incl. abutment) – Nobel/Straumann


£ 1,299

Implant (incl. abutment)* – Nobel/Straumann



Sinus lifting









Deep cleaning






Tooth Fillings



Root Canal Treatment



Tooth Extraction



Wisdom Tooth Extraction



Dentures/arch from



Euromedical Tours, network of dental clinics abroad

Euromedical Tours provide access to an extensive network in Croatia, Hungry, India, Pakistan and Turkey boasting internationally qualified dentists and dental surgeons, excellent nursing care and facilities that measure up to certified standards of quality and best practice.

That's not all, they offer consultations, treatment and follow up care at the London based Advanced Dental Care Complex where:

  • consultations can be provided offering a thorough examination and X rays to produce a treatment plan
  • the treatment plan and X rays are used to produce a fixed price – no nasty surprises – treatment package.
  • follow up care can be provided, if required, which is free of charge if within the scope of the treatment paid for.

Euromedical Tours, dental practice abroad

The extent of dental treatment can hardly ever be predicted without a proper consultation or X rays. Most people find to their horror that their costs have escalated after they land at the clinic for treatment. Here is where Euromedical Tours differs from other dental clinics:

  • Get a no-obligation, fixed price quotation
  • Make your choice of destination; Croatia, Hungary, India, Pakistan or Turkey - what will it be?
  • Let Euromedical Tours make all arrangements
  • Have your treatment as you enjoy your holiday
  • Return home with the comfort of knowing that post-op care is available right here in London!
  • Dental treatment and tourism - the ideal mix!

Euromedical Tours believe that everything else is Medical Travel and if there is any semblance of tourism that goes with any treatment it is dental treatment. Consider this:

  • Dental treatment mostly requires multiple treatment sessions, which are a few days apart.
  • Any pain that you may be feeling will be taken care of at the first session.
  • You are then free to enjoy the sights and sounds, sample the local fare, experience the local culture or even shop and find bargains as you wait for the next session.
  • You then return home feeling refreshed, with a better quality of life as you can savour your food once again.
  • And, you will still have saved yourself a great deal of money.

A personalised, all inclusive dental service

Euromedical Tours realise that you are looking for more than just your treatment when travelling abroad; most of all it is your peace of mind. Therefore, they offer a fully inclusive service that includes:

  • Meeting you at the airport on arrival
  • Providing you with all transfers for your consultations and treatments,
  • Helping you with finding a hotel that best suits your preferences,
  • Providing you with a local mobile phone to keep in touch with your clinic,
  • All of these services are complimentary and totally free of charge.

Dental treatment abroad warranty

If a problem occurs or you have concerns regarding your treatment, you can always contact the dentist or Euromedical Tours via e-mail or phone. If you need personal attention, you are welcome to come along to our partner dental clinic. They give full guarantee for Euromedical Tours services, with all concerns addressed and treated without any delay or additional treatment cost to you.

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