A guide to dentistry abroad

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More and more people are considering dental treatment abroad.  Most are attracted by the competitive prices offered in overseas destinations; others wish to combine their dental treatment with a relaxing period of recovery in a sunny climate, or with a regular holiday trip.

But for the patient considering dental treatment abroad, there may be some concerns. What are the conditions like in dental clinics overseas? Is the dentist suitably qualified? Where can I get the best deal? What questions should I ask about the treatment? What happens if I am unhappy with the outcome of the treatment?

This guide attempts to answer these questions and guides the patient through the process of exploring the options for dental treatment abroad. It has been developed through the experience that we have gained through operating the Treatment Abroad web site and our knowledge of the medical tourism industry in general.

In this section...

Why choose to go abroad?

In the rapidly growing field of medical tourism, one area that is proving particularly popular is dental treatment abroad. ...

Cosmetic dental treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is often better suited to dental treatment abroad, as it usually involves less complex or invasive treatments than restorative d ...

How is dental treatment regulated?

While there are significant savings to be made by travelling abroad for dental treatment, there will always be a risk that things may not be the sa ...


Insurance for dental treatment abroad is a developing area within medical tourism. New medical travel insurance products have begun to appear. ...

Restorative dental treatments

There is no doubt that the cost of dental work in many countries across the world is significantly lower than in others, prompting many people to c ...

How to choose a clinic?

Significant savings can be made by having dental treatment in another country. ...

What if something goes wrong?

By its very nature, dental treatment abroad carries a unique set of risks. ...

Comparing the costs

One of the main reasons that people travel abroad for dental treatment is to save money. ...


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This 28 page guide helps you explore the options for dentistry abroad

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