YourSmile DentalCare: Implantology and aesthetic dentistry in Greece

With state-of-the-art facilities and an extensively trained team of specialists, YourSmile DentalCare in Katerini, Northern Greece offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic and restorative dental treatments, including dental implants, on implant prostheses, CAD/CAM designed crowns and bridges, dental veneers, ceramic in-lays and on-lays and laser teeth bleaching. Other services available include preventative dentistry, oral surgery, root canal treatment and periodontology, ensuring high quality treatment covering all aspects of dentistry.

Why choose YourSmile DentalCare?

  • Extensively trained specialists in implantology and prosthetic oral rehabilitation
  • ISO 9001: 2016 and EN 15224:2016 certified clinic
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • In-house dental laboratory
  • Clinic only uses CE and ISO certified materials
  • Located in the popular tourist destination of Katerini, close to historic Mount Olympus, the beaches of the Piera region and the ski resort of Elatochori
  • Prices up to 60% less than in many other European countries
  • Free advice and quotation on receipt of a digital panoramic x-ray

Services available at YourSmile DentalCare

  • Preventative dentistry
    - Teeth scaling/polishing
    - Oral hygiene advice
    - Digital x-ray
    - Recall system
    - Dental support of patients with general health problems
  • Restorative dentistry
    - Dental restoration with resin
    - Ceramic inlays/onlays
    - Glass fibre posts tooth restoration
  • Endodontology
    - Root treatment with titanium motor instruments
    - Surgical endodontology
    - Laser endodontological treatment
  • Oral surgery
    - Laser oral surgery
    - Extraction of impacted teeth
    - Apicectomies
    - Removal of cysts, tumours
    - Frenectomy
    - Orthodontic tooth surgical eruption
    - Electrotome surgery
  • Implantology
    - Implant surgery
    - Surgical guides
    - Guided tissue regeneration
    - Guided bone regeneration
    - Sinus lift surgery
  • Prosthetics
    - All ceramic aesthetic dental work such as veneers,  crowns and bridges, of e-max IVOCLAR
    - Zirconium dental work, CAD/CAM designed crowns and bridges
    - Metal-ceramic constructions
    - On implant prostheses
    - Telescopic SYNCONE ANKYLOS DENTSPLY SIRONA over structures
    - Full or partial dentures on bars, balls or precise attachments and Locators
  • Periodontology
    - Gingivitis treatment
    - Non-surgical or surgical periodontal treatment
    - Periodontal bone defects regeneration
    - Periodontal teeth stabilisation using glass fibre strips
  • Aesthetic dentistry
    - Teeth bleaching using laser
    - Smile design
    - Closure of front teeth diastema (wide gap)
    - Dental cosmetics
    - Teeth Air abrasion
    - Discolouring of dark coloured teeth

High quality, affordable aesthetic dentistry in Greece

Equalling the standards and quality of some of Europe’s finest clinics, YourSmile DentalCare offers a range of modern treatments designed to achieve the best smile at prices up to 60% less than patients would pay in their home countries.

New patient consultation (excl. x-rays)

No charge

Radiographs intraoral


Panoramic-cephalometric x-ray


CT scan (each jaw)


Scale and polish


Teeth whitening (1 hr 30 min session)


Night guard


White composite filling (front teeth)


White composite filling (back teeth)


Ceramic inlays, onlays


Root filling, front teeth


Root filling, back teeth


Tooth removal


Tooth removal (surgical)


All ceramic e-max crowns


Zirconium + ceramic crowns (cad/cam)


Zirconium monolithic crowns (cad/cam)


Veneers e-max ceramic


Metal fused ceramic (cad/cam)


Dentures full upper or lower jaw (BPS bifunctional prosthetic system of IVOCLAR)


Partial denture with metal frame


Implant ANKYLOS DENTSPLY SIRONA (abutment included)


Sinus lift (window operation)


Tissue or bone guided regeneration




Periodontal treatment (four sessions)


Esthetic gingiva laser surgery


2 ANKYLOS implants + 3 tooth zirconium-ceramic bridge


2 ANKYLOS implants + 3 tooth zirconium (monolithic) bridge


4 ANKYLOS implants + 10 tooth metal ceramic crowns bridge (cad/cam)


6 ANKYLOS implants + two 12 tooth zirconium (monolithic) bridges


6 veneers (e-max IVOCLAR ceramic)


10 veneers (e-max IVOCLAR ceramic)



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