Dentech: Aesthetic dentistry and dental treatment in Croatia

Located in the historic city of Split on Croatia’s beautiful Dalmatian Coast, Dentech offers a complete and affordable dental service, from state-of-the-art diagnostics to extensively equipped treatment rooms and an in-house CAD/CAM laboratory. Treatments available include dental implants, crowns and bridges, digital smile design, veneers, tooth whitening, root canal filling, oral surgery, orthodontic appliances for children and adults, periodontics, preventative dentistry and paediatric dentistry.

Why choose Dentech?

  • Multidisciplinary team of experts led by Dr Joško Radović
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • In-house CAD/CAM dental laboratory
  • Rapid access to high quality, affordable dental treatment
  • Guaranteed natural-looking, functional and lasting results
  • Full dental tourism service

Services available at Dentech

  • Endodontics: use of the latest technology allows one-visit endodontic treatment (root canal filling) in the majority of cases
  • Orthodontics: early orthodontic treatment including LM activators for patients aged 7-12; fixed appliances (composite, ceramic, sapphire) for adults and children with fully erupted permanent teeth; clear aligners
  • Implantology: dental implants, including All-on-4, All on 6 and metal-free implants
  • Prosthetics: CAD/CAM designed zirconium-ceramic crowns and bridges; complete and partial dentures
  • Aesthetic dental medicine: digital smile design; lumineers and veneers; aesthetic restorations; gingivoplasty; tooth whitening; dental jewellery
  • Prevention: cleaning and descaling
  • Diagnostics: 3D diagnostics and planning; digital orthopan
  • Oral surgery: wisdom tooth extraction; extraction of impacted and retained canines; resection of the tooth root and extraction of the broken tooth root; pre-prosthetic and pre-implant procedures
  • Periodontics: curettage; surgical treatment of periodontal disease
  • Paediatric dentistry: advice on oral hygiene and dental care; check-ups

High quality, affordable dental treatment in Croatia

With an expert team of dentists and a clinic equipped with the very latest technology, Dentech in Split are committed to providing the best dental care at prices that are much lower than in the UK and many other European countries.



Dental implant (Nobel Biocare)                                                   




Dental prosthetics


Crown (porcelain)


Crown (porcelain bonded)


8 Porcelain crowns


12 Porcelain crowns


8 Zirconium crowns


12 Zirconium crowns


Bridge (4 tooth bridge, 2 implants)


Bridge (full bridge, 4 implants)


Bridge (12 tooth bridge, 6 implants)


Dentures (full acrylic)




Aesthetic dentistry


Porcelain inlay


Porcelain veneer


8 Porcelain veneers


12 Porcelain veneers


Tooth whitening (Zoom)


Tooth straightening (Invisalign)




General dentistry


Dental X-ray (panoramic)


Dental CT scan


Dental hygienist (clean)


Tooth extraction (single tooth)


Tooth extraction (wisdom tooth)


Root canal treatment (back teeth)


Root canal treatment (front teeth)


Apiectomy (root-end resection)


Tooth filling (composite, small)


Tooth filling (composite, large)



Dental clinic in Split
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