Comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad

With the cost of cosmetic surgery abroad being up to 70% lower when you compare countries such as the USA and the UK with destinations such as Eastern Europe, Mexico and India, it’s no surprise that thousands of people opt for medical tourism every year. But how do you go about comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad, and what factors should you consider to make sure you get a good deal?

How to compare the costs of treatment

Most reputable cosmetic surgery clinics overseas will have a website, especially if they want to develop their share of the medical tourism market. Many of these websites will include typical prices for cosmetic surgery treatments upfront; however, with others you have to email or click for a quote.

As with any major purchase, the price will vary between different providers, so you should always compare several different quotes for your procedure from different clinics, or different countries, when comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad.

How much could you save by opting for cosmetic surgery abroad?

There are significant savings to be made, even when you have taken the cost of travel and accommodation into account. For example, a facelift which costs as much as £5000 in the UK or up to £5800 in the USA could cost as little as £1100 in Brazil. Breast enhancements, which cost over £4000 in the UK and the USA, can be obtained in Western Europe for just £2500 and in Eastern Europe for even less, at just £1700.

The table shows a range of typical prices for the major medical tourism destinations.

Finding out what’s included

One of the most important steps in comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad is to find out what is included in the headline price. It is not unknown for clinics to advertise low prices, and then subsequently add in extra costs for drugs, blood tests, the anaesthetist and even the implants or prosthetics used.

When comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad, you should always make sure that you are comparing like with like. So ask for an all-inclusive price that takes into account everything from your initial consultation through to your aftercare. You should also make sure that you know who pays for what if something goes wrong.

The cost of travel and accommodation abroad

A major consideration when travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery is the travel and accommodation costs involved. European prices tend to be a little lower, but then these countries are easier and cheaper to get to. Countries such as India and Brazil can often offer the very lowest prices, but the cost of the flights is significantly greater.

In order to make an accurate comparison you need to work out the total cost of your treatment and the travel and accommodation involved when comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad. You should bear in mind that you will probably not want to travel alone for something so traumatic, and so the travel and accommodation costs will need to be doubled in most cases.

Complete cosmetic surgery abroad packages

One way of ensuring that you have considered everything when comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad is to look at all-inclusive cosmetic surgery holidays. There are a growing number of these trips, which include all the elements of a package holiday, such as hotels, flights and transfers, as well as your cosmetic surgery treatment.

For example, you can get a seven day break in a top resort in Tunisia for just £1865, which includes rhinoplasty treatment. Many people are attracted to such packages, as they offer the opportunity to recover in a relaxed environment before travelling home.

Comparing convenience and comfort

By travelling abroad for your treatment, you will naturally be moving out of your comfort zone, but how far you are prepared to go will be an important factor in comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad. Treatment in Europe will be a little cheaper with the standards you would expect in the UK or USA. However, if you go for somewhere like India you are less likely you are to be in a familiar ‘Western’ style environment. In comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad, you need to consider carefully how much you want to compromise.

Beware of false economy when planning cosmetic surgery abroad

Cosmetic surgery overseas is a highly competitive market, with most clinics within each country pricing themselves roughly in line with each other. This means that you should be very cautious of clinics that are substantially cheaper than the standard rates for their country. If something seems too good to be true, then chances are it is.

Comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery abroad on purely price alone, without considering other factors, such as reputation, testimonials, qualifications and experience, is simply false economy and may seriously increase the risks of your procedure.


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