PRAGA MEDICA: Cosmetic surgery in Prague, Czech Republic

PRAGA MEDICA provide cosmetic surgery in Prague, Czech Republic.  With their excellent knowledge of Czech medical and tourist services, they are experienced in providing all necessary services for the medical tourist. Cosmetic surgery procedures available include eyelid surgery, facelifts, liposuction and rhinoplasty.

Founded back in 2009, Praga Medica ( is a leading Czech cosmetic surgery provider based in Prague.

They have excellent knowledge of the Czech medical and tourist services. They speak fluent English and cooperate with several clinics. Praga Medica specialize in providing full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for international patients.

Having had hundreds of satisfied international patients from all around the world, Praga Medica is a time-tested highly professional and reliable medica

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Board certified surgeons, cost savings up to 80% UK rates, Prague city center location and a reliable medical provider. Get a Quote.

List of available cosmetic surgery procedures in Prague, Czech Republic

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Body Reshaping Surgery

Breast surgery


Face and head Surgery


Nose surgery

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Cosmetic surgery in Prague with Praga Medica

  • Centrally located cosmetic surgery clinic in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Board certified Czech plastic surgeons
  • English, German consultations available
  • Unique post-operative care with an English speaking doctor on duty 24 hours
  • Affordable procedures, tailored for international patients
  • Cost reduction up to 80%
  • No waiting list - cosmetic surgery within 2 weeks time
  • Friendly, English speaking staff
  • Local customer representative assistance
  • Every part of your medical treatment in Prague arranged in a professional and safe manner
  • All inclusive service including accommodation, transfers, guide tours and other services

Professional guarantor

Dr. Zdenek Pros

  • Professional service guarantor for foreign customers
  • 3 years working experience for The Harley Medical in UK
  • Over 20 years of working experience in cosmetic surgery

Veronika Chvatalova

  • International patient coordinator and cosmetic surgery consultant


Plzenska 155/113, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic  
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Chat and Skype available on their website. Contact details:

UK: 0845 528 11 90
Germany: 0322 210 91 110
Ireland: 01 554 72 08
International: +420 228 880 995

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