Cosmetic surgery in Croatia

Croatia is in Central Europe, bordering Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, and Bosnia Herzegovina, and has a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea.  Croatia is a relative newcomer to the medical and dental tourism market, offering highly competitive prices for cosmetic surgery treatments such as breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction and abdominoplasy (tummy tuck).

Low cost flights are available into popular destinations such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb and Rovinj.

For further information on Croatia visit the Croatian National Tourist Board.

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Right Choice Home & Away

Medical travel agency

Right Choice Home and Away is a UK-based lifestyle surgery facilitator and patient advocacy service. They started as the outbound service called EuroMedical Tours in 2006 and have since evolved to include an intrabound service offering by the name of Right Choice UK. In 2018, both services were joined under the name of Right Choice Home and Away, a one stop solution for those seeking more affordable, yet high quality options for elective procedure either at home or abroad.

Global Health Consulting: Sinteza Health Centre

Zagreb, Croatia

Toncic Cosmetic Surgery

Zagreb, Croatia

Svjetlost Eye Hospital

Zagreb, Croatia

Svjetlost is a specialist hospital for ophthalmology (eye surgery) based in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. The centre is the leading provider of ophthalmic services in the Southeast Europe and provides a comprehensive range of services. Eye treatments provided at the clinic include: laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, glaucoma treatment and retina surgery.

Poliklinika Bagatin

Zagreb, Croatia

Poliklinika Bagatin is a leading clinic for Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Cosmetology and Dentistry in Croatia, with 21 years of tradition and a service level that is on par with five-star hotels.

Polyclinic MakeOver Beautiful Inside & Out

Split, Croatia

Polyclinic MakeOver is a polyclinic situated in the coastal Croatian city of Split. Their clinic hosts a team of highly trained medical professionals, and a suite of modern technologies and devices.

Health & Holidays

Medical travel agency

Health and Holidays is a global health platform linking international patients with world-class medical services in Croatia.


Medical travel agency

MedicalHealthCare is a UK-based medical travel agency which facilitates your treatment in Turkey, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. They specialize in providing you with the best clinic for your cosmetic, dental, fertility, eye, hair loss and weight loss surgery.


Medical travel agency

Travel4Treatment is a medical tourism facilitator agency headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, who have a team of professionals proud to have years of experience and extensive knowledge of all aspects of medical tourism in Croatia.

Clinic of the month

Top quality cosmetic, reconstructive and maxillofacial surgery in Belgium, the Singelberg Clinic can offer treatment in either their private clinic or two Belgian general hospitals.

Singelberg Clinic are amongst the few private clinics in Belgium with very strong and safe links to the reputed belgian general hospitals.

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