Akesis Life: Integrative cancer treatment in Thailand

Akesis Life in Bangkok, Thailand, is a state-of-the-art integrative oncology centre providing access to effective non-toxic, non-invasive cancer treatment using the most up-to-date integrated cancer therapies including IV and metabolic therapies, immunotherapy, physical therapy, wellness and education.

Why choose Akesis Life?

  • Doctors who are global leaders in functional health and medicine
  • Individualised treatment programmes
  • Unrestricted access to the latest integrative medicine
  • Located in Thailand, a centre of excellence for medical tourism
  • State-of-the-art medical centre with 5-star accommodation and amenities
  • Partnered with two of Bangkok’s top international hospitals
  • Full support every step of the treatment journey

Treatments available at Akesis Life

The Akesis Programme is designed to provide a personal healing journey that not only successfully addresses a patient’s health issues, but also prepares them for a life free from disease and full of vitality.

The treatment pathway is based on three fundamentals: stop making cancer; target cancer without harming the body; activate and enhance the immune system. Treatments available include:

IV and metabolic treatments


Physical therapy

Wellness and education

Comprehensive, personalised cancer care

The integrative treatment programmes at Akesis Life are 8-12 weeks in duration and inclusive of private accommodation, meals and nutritional supplements, private doctor consultations, School of Life lecture series with Dr Thomas Lodi, cooking classes with Akesis’s head chef, group exercise and music, art and creative writing therapy.

Any other specialised treatments recommended by the doctors will be invoiced for and paid separately.

All treatment programmes at Akesis are individualised in order to achieve the best possible results and overall treatment prices will vary depending on the patient's circumstances.

To learn more about how Akesis Life can help, call their friendly team on +66 (0) 655 896 964 or complete the online contact form.

Akesis Life
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