What makes Crete the ideal dental travel destination?


Travelling for dentistry abroad nowadays is something extremely popular and the idea of receiving high-quality dental treatment abroad in a reasonable price keeps spreading.

At the same time, many cities and local clusters and associations work hard at becoming a recognized dental travel destination. Some of these cities include Bangkok in Thailand, Budapest in Hungary, Antalya in Turkey, Warsaw in Poland, various cities of India and other. 

A dental destination that seems to stand out from others in Greece is the historic island of Crete. Crete the 5th largest island of the Mediterranean Sea with a nearly 635,000 population, and is privileged to gather all the features that a dental traveler is looking for to book a flight ticket and travel abroad for dentistry. 

Among other respondents, we asked Dr George Vardakis, Dental surgeon & Founder of Dental Holiday Crete, a medium size dental clinic located at the island of Crete in Greece treating more than 600 foreign dental patients every year to outline, some of the reasons why Crete has become so popular to dental travelers? 

  1. Expertise and quality of dental services: Most of the Cretan dentists have extended studies and post graduate studies to local and foreign universities and have practiced in many foreign countries mainly EU, UK and USA before they set up their own clinics. This gives them the expertise and the ability to better understand the culture of the patients of those countries.
  2. Patient reviews: The former patients of most of the Cretan dental clinics are generously giving an over 4.5 star rating for almost all the points that are rated. Some of these points are: treatment quality, communication, cost, premises, aftercare and other. 
  3. Communication: In all international dental clinics of Crete, foreign languages are widely spoken. Among these languages you often find: English, German, Italian, Russian and French. This makes it easier to the patents as it facilitates not only the communication during the treatment but also before and after that. In addition, in Crete as a popular tourist destination the use of foreign languages in all possible places that a foreigner will go makes also their staying and communication very convenient. 
  4. Cost: The cost of dental treatment throughout the Cretan dental clinics is significantly lower than any other EU country and from many other destinations in general. The difference to the rental costs comparing to the Athenian dental clinics gives Cretan clinics the ability to be even more competitive than other Greek dental clinics of the main cities.
  5. Destination: As previously mentioned, Crete is an already established tourism destination. Therefore, any dental patient alone, with a friend or with the entire family, can take a short or long vacation during the treatment cycle. Sometimes, more than one member from the family have scheduled dental treatments during their vacation. Also, the fact that Crete is a very large island makes it appealing for long staying as there is a lot to see. During the 15-20 day stay, the patient has the ability not only to take the full treatment cycle, but also to explore any side of this beautiful island.
  6. Proximity and direct access: The proximity to many European countries and the fact that Crete has international airports, welcoming direct flights every day. This makes decision making faster as the traveler does not have to bother with transit flights, airport waiting hours and expensive tickets. 
  7. Hospitality and services: The renown Cretan hospitality in combination with the long experience in welcoming and accommodation services makes Crete a place that you want to travel to without any doubt. Many patients - or one of their family members - has been to Crete at least once in their life for vacation and this familiarity with this place makes them feel safe. 
  8. Climate: The Mediterranean climate of this island allows international travelling and vacation almost for the entire year. Apart from the light winters the other three eras of the year due to the nice weather can be easily combined with vacation or short or long dental travelling. The vivid island of Crete that retains its standard population in wintertime is always open to dental travelers. 
  9. History, sea sports and gastronomy: A short reference of these three important Cretan features should be made as dental traveling is amongst the few health travelling specialties during which the patient has the ability to keep on with an everyday active routine without the need of recovery periods, withdrawing from sports and activities or trying the local cuisine. Features like these should always be taken into consideration when selecting a dental destination. 

In addition, Dr Vardakis from Dental Holiday Crete with their high expertise and  long experience with local and foreign patients, highlighted the importance of their high-end last technology equipment in combination with their long-term collaboration with the best quality certified suppliers of the world, to the final treatment outcome and the positive patient experience with their clinic: “Many foreign clinics, in order to be more competitive, try to save costs by working with “cheap” suppliers and implants. This has a negative impact to the final treatment result as well as short lasting result and side effects for the patient. In Dental Holiday Crete we take our work and our relationship with our patients very seriously and we work hard for delivering quality service throughout and after the treatment! It is very crucial for our clinic to maintain its quality and its great reputation and this is also the only way for building a long term relationship with local or international dental patients”

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