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About The Health Clinic

The Health Clinic's chief bariatric surgeon Dr. Rein Adamson is the most experienced bariatric surgeon in Estonia. He has been a true pioneer in the field, including organising the very first bariatric surgery in Estonia in 2004. He works side by side with his son, bariatric surgeon dr. Martin Adamson with whom they make a unique and effective team of true professionals.

The Health Clinic aims to ensure that travelling patients have a stress-free experience getting obesity treatment in Estonia, and offers comprehensive patient support through their team of coordinators. Their patient coordinators are available whenever they are required, 24/7, from the initial contact through to aftercare.

The bariatric surgeons duo of father and son work closely with highly experienced certified clinical nutritionist who offers assistance to all patients after surgery regarding diet and counselling.

The Bariatric Team

Rein Adamson, MD

Dr. Rein Adamson has over 30 years of surgical experience and he is the most experienced bariatric surgeon in Estonia. He has individually performed over 1000 bariatric procedures and has over 12 years of experience with different types of bariatric surgeries. He is also the only surgeon in Estonia who regularly performs all five major bariatric procedures (gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve, gastric plication, gastric band and gastric balloon).

Martin Adamson, MD

Dr. Martin Adamson graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tartu University in 2007. He completed his residency in general surgery and practiced medicine in several biggest hospitals in Estonia. Today dr. Martin Adamson is considered to be the leading bariatric surgeon of his generation.

Anni Laas, Certified Therapist in Clinical Nutrition

Every bariatric surgery performed in The Health Clinic also includes a consultation and follow-up care by their bariatric nurse / nutritional specialist Anni Laas, who makes sure that patients get thorough and long term support during their weight-loss journey on nutrition, physical activity and the general lifestyle changes. Anni is one of the most experienced nutrition specialists for obesity in Estonia.

Erik Orgu, Dietician / Fitness Coach

The Health Clinic offers a unique package with Erik Orgu, who has developed a menu specially for people having undergone bariatric surgery which sets out the appropriate serving sizes (ca 200 ml) and the correct ratio of nutrients.Patients understand the correct ratio of nutrients but have trouble turning this into a tasty meal. This problem has now been overcome by the recipes of Erik who is also a certified chef and meets with The Health Clinics' patients via Skype.

Judith Jobling, Specialist Bariatric Nurse

After bariatric surgery it is expected to feel a little insecure about the future since a different lifestyle lies ahead. We want our patients to feel reassured and supported also when they have left from under our care at the hospital and are back home adjusting to their new lives. Therefore we have a Specialist Bariatric Nurse Judith Jobling in the United Kingdom calling our patients regularly in the first month after surgery to monitor their recovery. Judith gives professional support and advice to each patient and since she has had bariatric surgery herself, she can be of true help and counsel.

5 star patient treatment

The Health Clinic was the first in Estonia to start providing bariatric procedures to private patients. Their experience in the field allows them to understand their patient's needs and wishes at all stages prior, during and after the procedure. Their multi-lingual patient co-ordinators communicate with their patients in English, Finnish, German, Swedish and Russian ensuring comfortable and efficient communication. Your dedicated patient co-ordinator will be the one who meets you at the airport and drives you to the hospital.

The Health Clinic ensures an extensive amount of aftercare for patients who have undergone surgery. Post-surgery care options include: a hospital stay for 1-5 nights, medication, post-surgery assessment and recommendations for physical activity. As well as expert post-surgery care, patients will receive consultations from Anni Laas, the clinic's highly experienced nutritional specialist. The Health Clinics' team also includes the unique competence of a dietitian and physical activity consultant, Erik Orgu, who has developed a menu specially for people having undergone bariatric surgery

The clinic's dedication to ensuring expert treatment and great customer service is the reason why they are considered as the leading obesity surgery provider in Estonia.

The Health Clinics' bariatric procedures take place in Estonias' biggest private hospital Fertilitas, which for over a decade has served the biggest volume of foreign patients in Estonia. The hospital has 4 operating theatres and an intensive care centre with a modern, state-of-the-art 30-bed active treatment department.

They also operate in East-Tallinn Central Hospital, a people-centered hospital and a leader in Estonian healthcare. Their competence has been a positive influence on Estonian and other countries citizens health.

Bariatric treatments available

Before deciding which treatment is suitable, patients will undergo a consultation with a specialist to decide the best course of treatment based on their individual requirements. Treatments available include:

Revisional bariatric surgery:

  • Re-Sleeve
  • Sleeve to Bypass
  • Bypass Revision
  • Gastric Band to Sleeve
  • Gastric Band to Bypass

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Plastic surgery in Estonia

The Health Clinic works with some of the most experienced surgeons in Estonia who works hard to ensure their patients are happy with their results. Post-bariatric surgery cosmetic treatments available include:

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Complete bariatric surgery packages

The Health Clinic offers the most comprehensive services in terms of customer service, medical treatment and aftercare. Their bariatric surgery package prices include:

  • Preliminary analysis of medical data and consultations via e-mail or phone
  • Consultations with the operating surgeon, bariatric nurse and clinical nutritional specialist
  • Consultations with a dietitian and physical activity consultant via Skype
  • Regular phone call check-ups during the first month after surgery by a Specialist Bariatric Nurse in the UK
  • All transfers to and from the airport/hotel and the hospital
  • Night before surgery in hotel (if needed)
  • Diagnostic services before surgery
  • Treatment and hospital stay up to 5 nights
  • Medication
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Dietary advice
  • Post-operative examination
  • Discharge summary in English for your family doctor back home
  • Complications treatment
  • 5-year follow-up
  • Special prices for post-bariatric plastic surgeries

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Why choose The Health Clinic for obesity surgery in Estonia?

Estonia is popular among medical tourists because of the high-quality treatment available, at competitive prices compared to the rest of Europe.

The Health Clinic is highly experienced in supporting individuals from all over the world seeking obesity treatment abroad. The clinic is dedicated to offering highest quality affordable obesity surgery solutions to everybody.

Languages spoken

We can communicate with patient in the following languages:
  • English
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Finnish

Countries where treatment is provided

  • Estonia



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Email: [email protected]