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About Nexus Pharma

Nexus Pharma is a medical travel agency in Gangseougu, Seoul, South Korea which can offer you access to the best medical screening, cancer treatment and cosmetic surgery in the country.

Working with the top doctors, clinics and hospitals in South Korea, the agency will use their expertise to make the whole process personalized and stress-free.

The staff at the Korean medical travel agency are committed to ensuring patient satisfaction, and with no affiliation to any particular surgeon or clinic they can offer a transparent and honest service for your peace of mind.

The medical tourism process

After you have contacted Nexus Pharma, you will be offered a free consultation. Every detail of your trip will be planned with your flights and accommodation arranged for you, and your personal coordinator will also assist you in choosing a clinic.

When you arrive in South Korea for your treatment, your personal coordinator will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel to check in. They will then accompany you to your clinic where you will have a consultation and choose the surgeon you would like to carry out your treatment.

After the procedure, your coordinator will be happy to act as your tour guide if you wish to explore Seoul. You will have a follow-up consultation at the clinic before you return to the airport travel home.

Nexus Pharma also offers consultations in your home country to monitor you post-treatment.

Treatments offered

At Nexus Pharma, they specialize in cancer treatment and cosmetic surgery, including gastric cancer treatment, lung cancer treatment, hematologic malignancy (or leukemia treatment) and liver transplantation.

Gastric cancer treatment

  • Open/laporascopic gastrectomy - £13,800 to £18,400
  • Robotic gastrectomy - £17,100 to £21,700
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection - £5,900 to £7,880
  • Regular radiation therapy - £2,200 to £2,800
  • Special radiation therapy - £4,700 to £5,300

Lung cancer treatment

  • VATS lobectomy/lobectomy with endobronchial ultrasound biopsy - £23,600 to £31,500
  • VATS lobectomy/lobectomy with percutaneous needle aspiration (PCNA) and gun biopsy - £22,000 to £29,900
  • VATS lobectomy/lobectomy with video assisted thoracoscipic surgery (VATS) biopsy - £25,600 to £34,800
  • Regular radiation therapy - £2,200 to £2,800
  • Special radiation therapy - £4,700 to £5300

Hematologic malignancy (for leukemia treatment)

  • Stem cell transplantation (auto) - £65,600 to £79,400
  • Stem cell transplantation (allo) - £93,600 to £134,400

Liver transplantation

  • Liver transplant - £125,900 to £154,100

Languages spoken

We can communicate with patient in the following languages:
  • English

Countries where treatment is provided

  • South Korea



Contact details

Main Phone: 
Email: [email protected]

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