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About MedTourist Advisor

MedTourist Advisor is a specialised medical concierge for dental treatments and general medicine abroad with access to leading clinics in Romania and Turkey.

With over 10 years of experience in managing foreign patients with complex oral rehabilitation and providing 24h personal assistance, the MedTourist Advisors consultants will create your personalised treatment plan, negotiate the best value for your treatment, plan your visit and ensure aftercare with 5-star service. MedTourist Advisor is internationally affiliated to the British - Romanian Chamber of Commerce, GoldenMed Vienna and Leader Team - part of The Londongate Group.

Treatments available in Romania and Turkey

Dental implants

  • premium and standard dental implants from 450EUR to 1000EUR per element

Cosmetic dentistry

  • standard exam veneers and dental crowns from 300EUR per element
  • Premium veneers and dental crowns from 950EUR per element (The premium veneers and dental crowns have lifetime warranty and they are made under microscope so they will look more natural, and manually stratified, while the standard ones have a 5-year warranty and are processed by CAD CAM milling machine.)
  • Dental inlays: restoration of parts of the tooth that have been lost - from 200EUR per element

Cosmetic surgery

  • Rhinoplasty: reconstructive surgery for the nose - from 600EUR
  • Abdominoplasty: abdomen "tummy tuck" used to tighten muscles and remove excess fat and skin - from 2000EUR
  • Breast augmentation: breast enlargement or breast enhancement - from 2000EUR
  • Liposuction; removing fat from problem areas - from 2000EUR

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Step by step medical journey

The MedTourist Advisors team of specialized consultants make sure that your medical experience will be irreproachable from your first visit until the end of the treatment. They also take good care of the aftercare and maintenance program, by providing you with access to aftercare in the UK.

Stage 1
After your initial enquiry, you are assigned a Patient Care Expert and personalised treatment plan within 48 hours. MedTourist Advisor will then arrange a Skype call with your doctor to take you through the plan. After this consultation and treatment plan agreed, they will arrange all your travel needs for you including flights, transfer, and accommodation in one of their 4- and 5-star partner hotels within Romania and Turkey.

Stage 2
Your visit to Romania or Turkey awaits you and the beginning of your treatment. One of MedTourist Advisors will be with you every step of the way and once you arrive and you are all settled into your hotel, they will arrange a visit to the medical clinic. As well as that, they will arrange a complimentary tour of the city and make recommendations for restaurants that can cater to your needs.

Stage 3
Once your treatment has been successful and you are back in the UK, MedTourist Advisor will ensure that your aftercare plan is completed, and you are cared for. Based in London and Sheffield, they have a team of doctors for UK residents to monitor your return and wellbeing. For oral treatments, you will benefit from 6 months checks by a dentist with your treatment record.

Expertise - meet Andrei Stirbulescu in Romania

MedTourist Advisor Clinic ConsultationAndrei Stirbulescu is a medical travel patient journey professional with 8 years of experience in offering dentistry and general medicine for patients. Based in Romania, Andrei works with the number one Romanian dentistry teams and has learnt from them the best treatments. Andrei will be your constant contact in your treatment journey, 24-hours a day from your initial enquiry to your treatment and aftercare. Andrei expresses that using MedTourist Advisor will give you access to a real, comprehensive treatment plan to completely digitalised and award-winning clinics with no hidden costs that is tailored to you and your needs.

Countries where treatment is provided

  • Romania
  • Turkey



Contact details

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Email: [email protected]