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About Medisata

Based in Indonesia, Medisata is a medical travel agency that help patients connect and seek treatment by state-of-the-art hospitals in Singapore and Malaysia. The newly established organisation is committed to providing international patients access to high quality and affordable care.

From advanced medical equipment, to skilled doctors with over 25 years of experience; Medisata has successfully facilitated over 2,200 patients every month. The Indonesia based medical travel agency go above and beyond on assisting with various administrative arrangements such as, booking doctor appointment, providing an estimate of treatment costs, booking accommodation, and arranging airport pick-ups; making it easier for patients to seek treatment at accredited hospitals.

Now successfully collaborating with 25 leading hospitals in Singapore and Malaysia, Medisata provide exceptional treatment.


These are the following services Medisata provides: Providing doctor recommendations Provide an estimate of the cost of treatment Check the doctor's schedule Make an appointment Arrange airport pickups Hotel booking

Languages spoken

We can communicate with patient in the following languages:
  • Indonesian



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