Medical tourism: Video production

Video content is an essential aid to promoting a medical tourism business. Video content offers a great way to profile your business and give potential patients a first hand experience of what visiting your hospital, clinic or practice would be like.

  1. Video is a powerful marketing tool. An online video profiling your healthcare facility or services can be a differentiator that will build trust and create a strong brand impression. Patients and customers will be more likely to buy from you than your competitors.
  2. Patient and customer video testimonials create confidence in your product or services because another voice is telling why they trust you. Video adds visual cues to trust-building that text alone cannot communicate.
  3. Video content is becoming increasingly important in search results – see below, "The impact of video on search results"

The services that we offer to clients include:

  • Video profiles of your facilities or services.
  • Video patient and customer testimonials.
  • Video "Ask an expert", dealing with common healthcare issues and treatments.

Our offering includes both the production of professionally made video content for your business or service and the promotion of this content on our healthcare sites and on the web in general.

What we offer

We offer a production facility to develop professionally made videos to promote your services. These videos can be used to promote your services on our healthcare sites or elsewhere. You own the video and can make use of it wherever you like.

Any "Featured Provider" can incorporate video into their content on Treatment We also feature your video in our Video Showcase, Video Testimonials, and Ask an Expert areas.

Video packages

We are offering video production services for the following standard modules:

The video profile

The video profile is a three minute video summary of the key benefits of a healthcare facility, product or service. This could be a profile of:

  • A hospital or clinic.
  • A specialist unit or service.
  • A specific healthcare service such as screening or scanning.
  • A new type of treatment or procedure.

The profile takes its storyline or narration from interviews filmed with managers, staff and “vox pops” from patients. These are then edited into a logical ‘script’ which the viewer hears while seeing footage of the facilities.

The video lasts around 3 minutes; this is a practical length for video on the web. In a typical video profile you may hear from a manager, two health professionals and two or three patients. Normally, filming takes place at one location.

Music will be used to introduce and round off the module.

The video testimonial

The video testimonial is a two to three minute video module that conveys the experience of a patient. This is not a short ‘vox pop’ but a longer interview that communicates how they were treated, the treatment they received, the advice provided up front… and so on. It can be filmed either at the organisation’s premises or at home so that we can illustrate the value of the treatment. For example, if a patient has had knee surgery, we may see them back on the tennis court or golf course.

In advance of filming a telephone interview with the patient will be undertaken to establish their ‘story’, and a bullet point content script will be provided for client confirmation.

Ask an expert

The ‘ask an expert’ module consists of a series of questions about a particular treatment or a disease or condition that are answered by a health professional in that particular field of healthcare.

Questions to be answered by the expert will be agreed in advance, and then the expert will be filmed talking through the answers. Between six and ten questions can be prepared on any topic, and a single expert can cover several topics. The user will select the question they wish to ask, and the relevant clip from the expert will play. Branding from the expert’s organisation will be prominent. The testimonial will be transcribed so that a text version is available.

What does it cost?

Details of video production fees on request. We offer some great prices for professional production.

Contact details

For information , call +44 (0)1442 817817 or complete the enquiry form

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