Medical tourism: The Business Success Kit

Treatment Abroad was the first web site to provide a comprehensive “one stop” shop for medical tourism where patients could explore the opportunities available to them through medical travel.

Over the last ten years we have established a worldwide client base covering 50 countries.

As interest in medical tourism has grown, more and more destinations and healthcare providers have entered the marketplace, seeking to attract patients from countries near and far. The market has become more competitive; although the number of travelling patients has grown, there are more and more providers fighting for market share.

At Treatment Abroad, we have a wealth of expertise in medical tourism; we want our clients to share in that expertise. So, we have put together a “Business Success Kit” that brings together many of the “How to” guides that we make available to clients.

The focus of the “Business Success Kit” is on the marketing and promotion of your medical tourism business. Historically, healthcare has been slower than most other industry sectors to adopt and implement the basic tenets of marketing. But with patients who are nowadays acting as “healthcare consumers”, it’s becoming vital that healthcare providers get their marketing act together. This is particularly true of the medical tourism sector which is relatively unsophisticated in terms of its approach to marketing. Many medical tourism businesses are established using the “if we build it, they will come” approach, rather than creating a business that is targeted and promoted in response to healthcare consumer needs.

In the “Business Success Kit”, we include advice on:

  • How to develop a marketing strategy and plan for your medical tourism business.
  • How to use PR activity to attract patients
  • How to maximise the conversion of web enquiries into patients.
  • How to use content marketing and patient stories to promote your business on the web.
  • How to exploit “word of mouth” recommendation through the use of Medical Tourism Reviews.
  • How to use search engine optimisation in medical tourism

Become a Treatment Abroad client, apply some of the approaches in our “Business Success Kit”, and start to attract more medical tourists in a growing medical tourism market.

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