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No other promotional opportunity gives healthcare providers the chance to get their message across to so many potential medical tourists in this way.

Key facts about the guide:

  • It is distributed in print via 6,000 GP practice waiting areas in the UK
  • Get 12 months’ presence on the Treatment Abroad website included - 800,000 patients per year
  • Advertising rates from - €2,295, directory listings - €375


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What is the Patients’ Guide to Treatment Abroad?

An independent guide published by LaingBuisson for patients who may be unaware of the options for going abroad for surgery and treatment either funded by the NHS or on a self-pay basis. The Guide is updated annually and distributed in print form via 6,000 GP practices, covering 38 million of the population, by email and via the web. It is a magazine-style guide, which stands out in GP waiting areas.

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Many healthcare destinations and providers overseas are failing to get their message across to UK patients. And many UK patients are unaware of the options available for surgery and treatment in other countries. The Patients’ Guide to Treatment Abroad provides a solution to this problem.

The Patients' Guide to Treatment Abroad ensures that your destination, hospital or clinic is "front of mind" when UK medical tourists are considering medical travel.

The Patients' Guide to Treatment Abroad provides detailed information about the opportunities for low cost surgery abroad, either paid for by the individual or funded by the NHS under the EU Directive.

The opportunities for profiling a healthcare destination or healthcare provider are offered on a “first come, first served” basis. If you want to secure your presence in this unique publication, you need to ACT NOW!


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5 reasons why now is the right time to invest

1. Increase in demand

After years of static or declining numbers of medical tourists from the UK, the latest data from the UK's International Passenger Survey (IPS) shows that outbound medical tourism is experiencing a resurgence, with over 100,000 Brits travelling abroad for health reasons in 2015.

2. An NHS under pressure

The number of NHS (National Health Service) patients waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment is at an all time high - 360,000 according to the latest figures. The British government has said that "it can no longer guarantee treatment in the 18-week target time".

3. High prices for dental treatment

The UK has one of the most expensive dental services in Europe. Patients can pay more than €3,000 for an implant and crown. British patients are seeking high quality for lower costs and are willing to travel to countries such as Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia and Spain for dental treatment.

4. Patients seeking cosmetic surgery

More British men and women are looking for a cost effective option for cosmetic surgery abroad and treatments such as hair transplantation. They account for more than a third of UK medical tourists.

5. Couples seeking IVF

With restrictions on NHS treatment for infertility and the high cost of private treatment, fertility travel is accounting for a significant share of the UK's outbound medical tourism business. The Patients' Guide to Treatment Abroad explains the options for infertile couples and highlights the leading destinations.

Make sure your destination, hospital or clinic is part of the 2019 Patients' Guide to Treatment Abroad.

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