35 Bone marrow transplants in 2.5 years at Antalya Training and Research Hospital

September 2016

Antalya Training and Research Hospital in Turkey has successfully completed 35 bone marrow transplants in the last 2.5 years.

The treatment is used for cancers that arise in bone or from bone-derived cell cancers like leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, bone-marrow failure, lymphomas and multiple myelomas.

Patients were admitted to sterile rooms during the pre-transplant and post-transplant period. Both histocompatible donated bone marrow (allogenic) and the patient’s own bone marrow (autologous) techniques were used.

In total, 1300 bone marrow donors were searched for, 41 bone marrow transplantations were completed and 75,000 living donor were recorded within the framework of TURKOK project conducted by the Ministry of Health of Turkey and Turkish Red Crescent; in cases where there is no suitable donor from close family members, TURKOK helps to find a willing donor from those listed in its database.

Bone marrow stem cells can only be donated at health institutions licensed the by the Ministry of Health and The Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit at Antalya Training and Research Hospital admits patients from all over Turkey. Associate Professor of Haematology at the Unit, Dr. Kurtoglu says: “We have all the facilities needed to treat international patients including a stem-cell bank, storage unit and therapeutic apheresis unit.”

The Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit at Antalya Training and Research Hospital is ranked first out of 47 centres across Turkey with a 100 days survival rate of 100% following both autologous and allogenic transplantation.

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Antalya Public Hospitals Union is a union of 14 hospitals and 3 dental health centres in Antalya province on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, an area popular with tourists. Six of the hospitals welcome international patients including Antalya Training and Research Hospital, a modern extensively equipped hospital offering a comprehensive range of healthcare services.

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