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There are many reasons for infertility, which can be female factor, male factor, a combination from both partners or can even be unexplained. But the good news is that help is at hand in the Caribbean at Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) who explain the reasons for infertility. 

Anna Hosford, Clinic Director at BFC said. “We are seeing an increasing number of patients from the Bahamas and only this morning we have two more Bahamian patients with POSITIVE pregnancy tests!

One patient explained, “The emotional pain of infertility was always most acute at Christmas, my husband and I tried to have a baby for over seven years. All I ever wanted was to see my child’s face light up on Christmas morning and this year we will, all thanks to the incredible team at BFC!”

A lot of patients suffering with infertility do so alone and find Christmas so difficult with family gatherings and people always asking the BIG question – when will you start a family?

Another patient said, “I read an article about BFC, so I looked on their website and saw that treatment costs were a fraction of the price of IVF in the USA and most importantly their success rates were double that of USA clinics. I picked up the phone and made THE call, the one that has changed our lives!”

After a telephone consultation with Dr. Skinner and blood tests in the Bahamas this couple finally got an answer as to why we weren’t conceiving. No other doctor had spoken to them about immunology testing, and this was her problem. She was actually conceiving but her anti-bodies were too high and her body attacked the embryo. In March they took the short flight to Barbados for treatment and the result was positive, their baby is due on Dec 22nd and they cannot wait!

One of their latest success stories said, “I lost my fallopian tubes at the age of 30, so knew IVF would be my only option to conceive. My Obs/Gyn here in the Bahamas suggested we try a clinic in Fort Lauderdale. But I saw BFC pop up on my Instagram feed, so I looked them up. This led to me following a blog Always Katie, who has also had successful treatment in Barbabydos, as she called it!”

This patient continued, “My husband and I were planning our wedding and decided that we would combine IVF treatment with our honeymoon in Barbados. From the moment we walked through the door at BFC, we were welcomed and so impressed with the staff and their ‘can do’ attitude! I had faith in God from the outset that he led me to Barbados, and sure enough I am now pregnant from my first round of IVF and I thank God for BFC!”

She added, “My husband asked me back in August what I wanted for Christmas and I told him, all I want is to be pregnant. My prayers have been answered. I cannot recommend BFC highly enough to anyone trying to conceive.

BFC, who are JCI accredited and boast success rates of 80% on women under 35 have been treating couples since 2002. They are renowned as a centre of excellence for fertility treatment and pride themselves on individual patient care, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to help every couple achieve their dream of a child.

Anna said, “Infertility affects one in six couples throughout the world, so we want people to know they are not alone. Our nursing team are always on hand to answer any questions that patients have about fertility treatment and are here every step of the way through a couple’s journey.”

For more information on Barbados Fertility Centre please call +246 435 7467 or email [email protected] or log on to


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Established in 2002, Barbados Fertility Centre is a well regarded infertility treatment centre offering a range of high quality services, including IVF, egg freezing, frozen embryo transfer and a very successful anonymous egg donor programme. With 14 years' experience in the field, they are specialists in providing treatment for reproductive immunity problems.

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