How to increase your chances of successful IVF treatment


Unfortunately, there are some instances when IVF treatment is unsuccessful. The advancements in medical technology in recent years have seen a massive growth in fertility treatments and the chances of success are now higher than ever. However, it isn’t certain that an IVF cycle will be successful. An unsuccessful round of IVF treatment can be emotionally and financially devastating and it’s important to be aware of this possibility prior to undertaking any IVF treatments.

Medical Travel Czech are based in Prague and have extensive experience in advising on how best to achieve positive results with IVF treatments, and have many patients come to them after having had a failed cycle of IVF treatment elsewhere. However, even after a failed IVF cycle, there are normally clues provided that will allow you to have a higher chance of success in any future rounds of IVF cycles.

Following any unsuccessful rounds of IVF treatment, there are always signs that a good fertility expert will be able to pick up on which should increase the chances in any future cycles of IVF treatment.

The reasons for a failed IVF cycle can be numerous. The term itself is fairly vague and it can refer to a number of different situations.

For example, one common reason for IVF treatment not being successful is that not enough follicles are produced or that not enough high quality eggs are retrieved. Another factor could be that the eggs that have been retrieved do not fertilize to the anticipated degree. As a consequence of this, what often happens is that there is no embryo available to be transferred into the uterus. The transferred embryos may therefore not implant for a number of different reasons.

An IVF cycle can still be unsuccessful even if a good number of eggs are produced. This could be due to the quality of the poor eggs. The general rule of thumb followed within the fertility industry is that if the egg quality is poor, then the embryo quality is likely to be poor too. The sperm quality is therefore not as important as the egg quality.

Sometimes, even with the best treatment available, the unfortunate reality for some women is that they will still not get positive results from IVF treatment. This is especially true for older woman as there is a definite link between higher rates of fertility and age. Despite the rapid advancements in technology, it will still be the case that some women will struggle to conceive.

It’s important to have a thorough discussion with a fertility expert prior to undertaking fertility treatments. The contents of this article should serve only as an introduction and it’s advisable to undertake further research into the factors affecting the chances of IVF success.

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