Five things you need to know before going to an IVF clinic

Deciding to undergo fertility treatment is never easy. Once the decision is taken, the next step is to find the right IVF clinic. There are many fertility clinics, probably even close to your home, but it is very complicated to find the right one. When patients decide to try IVF to fulfil their dream of a family, they often think every clinic is the same: same treatment protocols, same patient care, same everything. But clinics could not be more different nowadays.

But how do I know which treatment or clinic I need if I haven’t been to one yet?

1. Understanding how fertility clinics work

Before and during your treatment you will become a fertility expert yourself. To start with, it is best to do some research online. You can look at some websites or blogs that feature rankings and lists of different clinics so you can compare them more easily. Choose the ones you like best and have a look at their homepage to collect information that can help you in your decision. You don’t need to know about medical matters to get a first impression from a website.

2. Important information you need to look for

Once you start your research and look at all these different websites, it is possible to feel overloaded with information. Here are some factors that you should definitely look for if you want to find the right clinic for you:

  • Treatment options
  • Advanced technologies and techniques
  • Success rates
  • Patient testimonials
  • Prices and different treatment packages
  • Languages spoken by the medical staff and patient care staff
  • Accommodation and transport offers
  • Pre-, during and post- treatment support

3. Don’t limit yourself to conventional IVF treatments

When you look at clinics and collect information, try to make sure that they offer you more than conventional IVF and natural cycle alone. In order to get the most complete offer of treatments, make sure that you find clinics with the most advanced techniques and technology. It is easy to find out which treatments could be appropriate for you, depending on the cause of your fertility issues. If the diagnosis is not clear yet, it is also important to choose a clinic with advanced technology and an in-house IVF laboratory in order to undergo a wide variety of tests and find the best solution for your problem.

4. Let’s try a first visit

Once you know all about the different technologies, facilities and treatments, it is time to pay attention to the personal aspect. How does a clinic respond when you ask for information? Do you think the facilities will make you feel comfortable? If the answer is yes, maybe you would like to try a first visit? Or maybe a skype call or online consultation? Some clinics offer Open Days or run consultations free-of-charge or even travel to your home country for a first one-to-one meeting.

5. First impressions never lie

The moment you go into a clinic, you will know if you like the atmosphere, you feel welcomed and if you wouldn’t mind coming more often. When you have the chance to finally meet the doctors and patient care team, you will know if the clinic is the right one for you. Remember to feel free to ask for any information you need.

If it is a clinic abroad, you may want to have a look at the location and maybe plan a short holiday during your stay. This way you may get familiar with the place and will feel safe during your next stay, when returning for embryo transfer. Most clinics abroad will give you transport and accommodation recommendations. Make sure also, that you are treated in the language you can best express yourself in.


Still have questions about IVF treatment abroad? The IVF-Spain experts will be in London this October to answer all your questions and help you to decide. Take the chance and get more information about how to book a free and private consultation here.


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IVF-Spain is modern, ISO-accredited fertility clinic in Alicante on Spain's Costa Blanca. Combining state-of-the-art technology, innovation and research with a caring patient-centered approach, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatments including IVF, IUI, the ROPA method for lesbian couples, social freezing and anonymous egg donation. The clinic has a specialist expertise in complex cases such as recurrent miscarriages, implantation failures and genetic diseases.

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