Female fertility later in life


The new social and professional standards of today's society pose several challenges to modern women, who have to fulfill multiple roles and usually have to compromise one role at the expense of another.

What happens when career or other requirements force a woman to postpone having a child until later in life, over the age of 40?

Dr George Lainas, Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist at Eugonia gives us the answers.

It is known that age has a negative impact on women's fertility, which declines gradually after the age of 35, and more dramatically after the age of 40. This decline is a natural process and affects all women. It is estimated that the chance of natural conception over the age of 40 is approximately 5%. Scientific evidence shows that this lower chance of pregnancy is related mainly with the quality of a woman's eggs.

THE SOLUTION: Women wishing to postpone having a baby until after the age of 40, have the option to preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs at a younger age. These eggs can be used later in life when circumstances for creating a family are right. The success of the method, however, depends of the quality of the eggs, hence the age of the women, at the time of egg freezing.

ACT NOW: Women who expect to try for a baby after 40 and have not frozen their eggs at a younger age should act now! They should not let time pass at their expense. Under the guidance of an IVF specialist, they should perform a fertility check for themselves and also for their partner. Depending on the results of the recommended tests, an action plan will be drawn.

EFFICIENCY: The success of IVF methods depends largely on the quality and the number of eggs retrieved. This is why the age of the women is so important.

For further details, please visit or call +30 210 7211108 for a personalized consultation with Dr George Lainas.

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