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Saint James Hospital, Sliema, forms part of the Saint James Hospital Group, Malta’s leading provider in the private healthcare sector. It is the larger of the Group’s two hospitals, is located in a quiet suburb of the Island’s main retail and commercial district and is just a five minute walk away from the seafront.

Obesity surgery in Malta: The gastric balloon

A gastric balloon procedure is simple and easy to fit in as surgery abroad.  It is virtually risk free and is mostly performed as a day operation.  You can return to your normal routine or start your vacation abroad within hours of the procedure.

The Intra Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical aid used in the treatment of obesity or as part of a controlled weight loss programme. It may also be recommended in the months before vital surgery with the intention of reducing the risk of complications arising when operating on patients who are excessively obese.

The innovation introduced recently lies in the Intragastric Balloon’s improvements - its adjustability and its approved extended implantation period of up to 12 months. These new-generation advancements have resulted in greater weight loss, with an average reported loss of 16kg over 6 months and 35kg over 1 year. The Intragastric balloon is adjustable in size even inside the patient’s stomach where volume can be added to it after a few months thus producing a refreshing effect and facilitating additional weight loss. The balloon can also be easily deflated and removed, if required, at any time.

The balloon itself is a soft, expandable silicon balloon that is inserted into the stomach through the mouth using endoscopy. Once in place, it is filled with a sterile saline solution that inflates the balloon.  It then floats freely in the stomach, filling some of the stomach cavity, thereby reducing its capacity.

The gastric balloon has a number of benefits:

  • You can feel fuller after eating regularly and normally
  • Your weight loss is more dramatic than if you were relying on dieting alone
  • You can experience dramatic weight loss within six months

Qualified and experienced obesity surgeons

Saint James Hospital has established and strengthened a local network of Surgeons. All our surgeons are fully qualified and certified and form part of the National Medical Council. Some of them are also recognised by the British Medical Council. Most of them have specialised and worked abroad and gained experience in their field through substantial number of years of practice.

Saint James Hospital can provide patients with a surgeon’s CV upon request as this can help choose their surgeon of preference.


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