Successful Parents: Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center in Ukraine

Successful Parents agency in Kiev, Ukraine, was established in 2003, since when they have been providing fertility programmes including, surrogacy, egg donation and legal advice to couples from various countries including those in North America, Western Europe and Arab countries.

Specialist fertility treatments include in vitro fertilisation (IVF), pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), gender selection, egg donation and embryo adoption.

Surrogacy, egg donation and the law

The laws in Ukraine support both Surrogacy and Egg Donation and protect your rights as parents. It is also possible to carry out PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) for gender selection of embryos during your programme. Successful Parents' lawyers will accompany you during your entire programme to ensure that you take your baby home safely and strictly within the rules of Ukraine law.

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Outstanding levels of service and care for couples

At Successful Parents they:

  • Have a large and constantly updated database of egg donors and surrogate mothers
  • Only accept young and healthy candidates as surrogate mothers and egg donors
  • Offer a complete package of services for a number of fertility treatments: Frozen or Fresh Embryo Adoption, IVF with Egg Donation, Surrogacy and others
  • Cooperate only with private clinics with European standards of quality
  • Provide you with access to all medical documents, tests results and update you on a regular basis with progress
  • Take care of all legal issues and baby registration, as well as preparing all documents for the embassy
  • Guarantee high quality fertility services in accordance with European standards
  • Provide a high level of confidentiality

Fixed price fertility packages from Successful Parents in Kiev

Unlike other agencies in Ukraine, Successful Parents offer you every programme as a package that includes all necessary organisational, medical and legal services at a fixed price and with no hidden costs.

The following IVF, egg donation and surrogacy packages are available in Kiev:

  • Surrogacy - 19 000 GBP
  • Surrogacy with Egg Donor -  23 000 GBP
  • IVF with Egg Donor - 5 600 GBP
  • IVF with Gender Selection - 4 500 GBP
  • Fresh Embryo Adoption package — 6 000 GBP
  • Frozen Embryo Adoption package — 2 800 GBP

See detailed price list here.

Successful Parents can also tailor an individual package to your specific needs - just contact Successful Parents for more information about individual surrogacy and fertility packages.

What is the next step towards IVF treatment in Ukraine?

Programmes that involve surrogacy are the most complicated in terms of organisation and time period. The key stages of the Surrogacy programme in Ukraine:

  • Send initial information
  • Discuss your case with your personal coordinator at Successful Parents
  • Select your Egg Donor and/or Surrogate Mother
  • Sign contract and set up payment schedule
  • Visit Ukraine for any necessary medical procedures
  • Receive updates throughout your programme
  • When the baby is due return to Ukraine to witness the delivery of your child and then take your baby home

Why Ukraine for assisted reproduction services?

By choosing Ukraine for your Egg Donation or Surrogacy programme you need to be sure you are making the right decision:

  • Ukraine is a European country with straightforward entry procedures (citizens of European countries and North America do not need a visa to enter Ukraine)
  • Legislation is favourable and supportive of all types of reproductive technologies and assisted reproduction
  • European (Caucasian) type egg donors form 100% of Successful Parents’ database
  • Affordable high quality medical services at private clinics in Kiev
  • European standards of service, attentive and caring attitude


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