Heart surgery in Cyprus: Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board

If you are interested in heart surgery in Cyprus, then you should consider one of the healthcare providers who are part of the Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board. The Board is a non-profit organisation that was founded in November 2006 after an initiative taken by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

Visit the web sites of the Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board's members, and find out more about the heart surgery services provided by each organisation, their location, the qualifications of their heart surgery specialists, staff members, and in some cases their price lists.

In recent years, Cyprus has achieved prominence for an excellent healthcare system that offers value for money and quality medical treatment for patients from all over the world. Cyprus's healthcare system has improved tremendously and is something that both the administration and the practitioners are justifiably proud of.

European and other patients stand to benefit much from the quality and range of treatments that Cyprus offers. The strong Cyprus economy has contributed greatly to the healthcare system with a rate of growth in excess of 3%, which has helped modern hospitals and well-trained health care professionals to spring up, giving Cyprus everything needed to be seen as an up-and-coming destination for healthcare tourism. Today there are six public hospitals and more than eighty private hospitals and clinics, providing around 2,500 hospital beds, 2,250 doctors and 720 dentists.

If you plan to travel to Cyprus for medical treatment and you are in need of medical coordination, contact Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board's medical coordinator professionals at Picture Perfect or Cyprus Sun Med Connections.

Role of the Board

The Board's main goals are:

  • The development and promotion of Cyprus as a Medical Centre and the provision of health services in general
  • The development of solidarity and co-operation between its members 
  • Assistance to its members in making contact with various organisations and/or relevant governmental departments for the promotion of objectives related to topics they are concerned with
  • Interaction with any governmental departments and/or any company/person, which is deemed necessary or beneficial in attaining the objectives of the Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board  
  • The undertaking of activities for the promotion of the Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board’s goals and to help the public understand the role and the contribution of The Board to the health service
  • Participation in international and domestic organisations related to matters that the The Board is concerned with
  • The genuine contribution of the members of The Board to the economical, business, social and environmental development of Cyprus

Most of the largest and best equipped hospitals in Cyprus are members of the Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board. They are all approved and licensed by the Cyprus Government and some of them have moved a step ahead by signing contracts to gain international accreditation standards from accrediting bodies approved by the ISQUA.

Patients looking for treatment in Cyprus can either contact the Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board to get more information about the Cyprus health tourism industry, or can contact their member hospitals directly, who are more than willing to provide as much information as possible regarding potential treatment in Cyprus.

Click here to visit the  Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board website, which will provide you with information regarding Cyprus as a health destination. By accessing the website you can view a list of members, explore their profiles, and find links to their individual websites.

About Cyprus

Uniquely positioned at the crossroad between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, Cyprus is easily accessible for all people whether coming from Europe or the rest of the world.

Today, Cyprus is a modern country and has been a member of the European Union since 2004. With its European culture and civilisation that stretches back to antiquity, it has much to offer including year-round sunshine, alluring beaches, vineyards, historical sites, and a family-oriented culture of open-hearted people.

Currently, the Cyprus Government is placing a lot of emphasis on promoting Cyprus as a health care destination with a current annual expenditure on health of over 700 million Euros, representing 6% of gross national product. The Cyprus health industry bears an excellent reputation of the essential post operative care after any kind of surgery where the Mediterranean climate, with its dry summers and mild winters, is ideal for recuperating both for the patient but also for people accompanying them.

High-quality medical services available in Cyprus

  • Excellent medical infrastructure
  • Well-equipped, technologically-sophisticated hospitals and clinics
  • Highly-qualified specialist consultants, doctors, nurses, and technical staff
  • Speedy consultation, test results and treatment - no waiting lists
  • Familiarity with the UK medical system - many Cyprus-based consultants and doctors have been trained in the UK or in other English-speaking countries
  • Very high standards of hygiene
  • Consultants, doctors and nursing staff all speak English fluently

Natural attractions

  • Cyprus offers a relaxed, peaceful environment
  • Exchange the noise and bustle of the UK 's crowded cities for the peace and tranquillity of relaxing, get-away-from-it-all Cyprus
  • The island is relatively sparsely populated - well under a million people on an island the size of Devon and Cornwall combined, but with just half the population of these two counties 
  • Blue-sky vistas and views of calm, brilliant blue seascapes are therapeutic in themselves
  • Cyprus enjoys over 300 days of sunshine - a real tonic
  • There are many natural wonders in a compact area – from the pine-scented mountains of the Troodos region to the rocks where, legend has it, Aphrodite was born
  • Rich history, vibrant culture - Cyprus has been invaded many times and each visiting nation has left its mark - from Roman mosaics to beautiful Byzantine churches
  • Breathtaking landscapes - from the national park of the Akamas peninsula, with its nesting turtles and wild flowers to the beautiful national park of Cape Greco
  • Food and wine to indulge the senses
  • Cypriot hospitality is renowned; the ease of communication with local people adds to the overall feeling of relaxation and welcome

Accommodation - for your partner/family and for you, post-medical procedure

  • Excellent choice of accommodation, from 3-star to 5-star, with the highest quality food that's not only healthy but tasty too
  • Excellent wellness facilities to help you to relax and build up your strength
  • Very high-quality services are available, from a personal butler to a simple but morale-boosting pedicure or massage in the privacy of your room
  • Enjoy personal attention from caring individuals
  • Many top-level Cypriot hotels have received international recognition/awards and comply to ISO standards
  • Comfortable family-run establishments enjoy many repeat visits and much personal recommendation from satisfied customers

Members of Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board providing heart surgery

Aretaeio Hospital

Nicosia, Cyprus

Aretaeio Hospital is a private hospital that provides diagnostic, therapeutic, medical and surgical services to the people of Nicosia, Cyprus and the surrounding countries. Aretaeio Hospital offers modern building facilities based on European standards and is surrounded by sidewalks and forestry are...

Santa Marina Polyclinic

Paralimni, Cyprus

The Santa Marina Polyclinic is a modern, medical technology in caring and comfortable surroundings, purposely built to offer the best and most complete medical care to its patients. The everyday contact of doctors specializing in various areas, their exchange of ideas and scientific collaboration, i...

American Heart Institute

Nicosia, Cyprus

The American Heart Institute is a state of the art health care facility that is specialising in the fields of adult cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. Since its opening in Cyprus, the institute's mission has been to provide the highest quality of care to individuals with cardiac and thoracic dis

Achillion Hospital

Lemesos, Cyprus

Achillion Private Hospital is the result of the joint will of medical staff to establish in Cyprus a one-of-a-kind healthcare institution to be set apart from all others, for its high standards of expertise, its advanced facilities and its patient centered approach. The Achillion Private Hospital ho...

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