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Knee replacement surgery is usually undertaken when osteoarthritis has resulted in the wearing down of the knee joint. In a knee replacement operation the worn out and arthritic parts of the knee joint are removed and replaced with a new, artificial knee joint. The new knee joint is called a prosthesis. Knee replacement surgery should improve an individual's mobility, by reducing pain and improving the function of the knee joint.

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Average cost for knee replacement (total) abroad

Country Treatment
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Denmark £10,747 *
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£57 £792 £806
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£12,402 *
Hungary £5,100 *
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£72 £264 £383
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£5,819 *
Italy £14,628 *
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£88 £608 £1,097
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£16,421 *
Lithuania £7,000 *
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£72 £304 £525
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£7,901 *
Malaysia £5,918 *
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£525 £288 £444
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£7,175 *
Poland £2,854 *
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£61 £240 £214
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£3,369 *
Spain £8,224 *
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£57 £400 £617
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£9,298 *
United Kingdom £10,280 *
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£0 £640 £771
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£11,691 *

* Average price for treatment will be based on three or fewer providers so might not be representative of the true average price for that country. For more details, the country name can be clicked on to do a search for providers in that country.

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Knee replacement (Total)
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