Drs Demajo Dental Clinic: Dental treatment in Malta

Drs Demajo Dental Clinics is a family run dentist in Malta, offering all of the modern treatments available in the dental world, ranging from restorative dental treatment to the latest in cosmetic dentistry, dental implant surgery and tooth whitening procedures.

Dental treatments available

  • Dental implants ‘Nobel Biocare’
  • Immediate placement and /or loading All-on-4 / 6 procedures
  • Conventional crowns and Bridge work
  • Metal-free restorations including zirconia/alumina crown and bridge work
  • Porcelain or composite veneers
  • Teeth straightening
  • Tooth whitening: home bleaching and in-house 1hr ZOOM laser tooth whitening
  • Oral Surgery procedures
  • Drill-free Ozone treatment
  • Immediate denture repairs
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Geriatric dentistry
  • Root canal Treatment

Clinical research

An area of interest at Drs Demajo Dental Clinics is the planning of Implants using digital techniques. This procedure requires a CT scan of both the patient bone morphology and a replica of the teeth needing replacement.

Using a specific programme called Nobel Guide, www.nobelguide.com, one can plan the number, angulation and dimension of implants so as to offer the best aesthetic result. A custom-made surgical guide is then ordered from Nobel Biocare to facilitate the placement of the implants in the planned position. There are no incisions or sutures minimising post-operative discomfort and swelling to the patient. The optimal placement of the implants allows the Implantologist to place temporary teeth on the implants offering the patient an immediate aesthetic result.

This procedure can be utilised for a single or multiple implants although it is more popular in edentulous cases (no teeth in either of the jaws) whereby 4-6 implants are inserted in the jaw and immediately loaded with 10 to 12 temporary teeth.  Four to six months following the implant insertion the temporary teeth are converted to permanent teeth ensuring the best optimal aesthetics.

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