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Offering some of the best medical treatment in the world and with the excellent reputation of its private hospitals, India’s health care sector has undergone an enormous boom in recent years and it has become a global health destination, with medical tourism growing by 30 per cent each year.

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It is estimated that 20,000 to 30,000 doctors and nurses are graduating from the Indian education system each year and many of the doctors then go ...

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Euromedical Tours

Cosmetic surgery in Hungary, Turkey, India and Pakistan

Surgeons from Mumbai, Kerala and Lahore visit the UK regularly for consultations and to monitor recovery.

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Euromedical Tours

Medical travel agency

Euromedical Tours is a UK based company providing a low cost option for people in the UK who are considering dental treatment and surgery overseas. Euromedical Tours provide access to an extensive network of Indian hospitals, internationally qualified dentists and dental surgeons, excellent nursing care and facilities that measure up to certified standards of quality and best practice. High quality treatment is performed by skilled cosmetic surgeons within the EU, or in centres of excellence in Turkey or in the Indian sub-continent, the fastest growing medical destinations in healthcare travel.


Medical travel agency

MEDVISIT is an international network of highly qualified health and wellness professionals who offer world-class treatment at affordable prices. They specialise in cosmetic surgery, dentistry, weight loss, wellness treatments and alternative health and beauty solutions in Europe (Lithuania, Finland, Turkey, Italy), India, South Korea, China.

SevenHills Hospital

Mumbai, India

Centre for Laser Cosmetic Surgery

Jalandhar, India

Changing Looks

Mumbai, India

Dr. Kalia's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Chandigarh, India

Fortis La Femme

New Delhi, India

Parivartan Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Agra, India

Aesthetics India

Pune, India

RG Cosmetic Surgery Centre


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