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Situated in the heart of Europe, the Republic of Hungary lies in the Carpathian Basin in Central Eastern Europe and is bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine.  Rich in history and culture, as well as natural beauty, Hungary is a remarkable country to visit and combine with cosmetic surgery  treatment.

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Euromedical Tours

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Euromedical Tours is a UK based company providing a low cost option for people in the UK who are considering dental treatment in India. Euromedical Tours provide access to an extensive network of Indian hospitals, internationally qualified dentists and dental surgeons, excellent nursing care and facilities that measure up to certified standards of quality, clinical governance and best practice.



Medaid Dermatology and Aesthetic center

Budapest, Hungary

WABI Beauty Centre

Sopron, Hungary

Cosmetic Direct

Budapest, Hungary

Kenzy MedHotel

Debrecen, Hungary


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